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Here you will find valuable information about the courses you are taking & the expectations for the Student Teaching Experience. Some of the link will send you to the places that are part of my world. You may also discover some interesting information about me.

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Dr. Rajdeep, is working as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in JRE Group of Institutions, Greater Noida. He obtained his PhD in Material Science from Assam University in 2010, Prior joining JRE he worked as a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry of National Institute of Technology, Silchar. There he was engaged in teaching PG (Applied Chemistry) as well as UG (B. Tech.) courses. He worked as a Visiting Research Scholar at University of Colorado Boulder, USA. His teaching experience includes three post graduate and four under graduate courses, as well as seven years of research experience at different institute of high repute. He is a life member of the Indian Liquid Crystal Society. His research interests encompass different branches of soft condensed matter and optical physics, including novel laser trapping and fluorescence confocal imaging techniques etc. Apart from synthesis of functionalized molecular electronic materials he has an abiding passion for the design and synthesis of all different liquid crystal systems with novel molecular architecture.

Courses taught:                                                                                 http://its-rajdeep.blogspot.in/                    
          z     Thermodynamics.

z       Conduction Heat Transfer.

z      Introduction to Electron Microscopy.

z      Concept on Chromatographic Techniques.

z      Modern Materials.

z       Instrumental

Liquid Crystals.

Engineering Chemistry.

z Energy Environment and Ecology.

Human Values and Professional Ethics.  

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