Thank-you for you interest in helping with SEO for my web site.  Your talents will help a small business survive and even hire 2nd Shooters which will in turn buy goods and services from their earnings (perhaps even hire a SEO for their website) which will help the economy.
SEO Goal:
*Ultimately the goal is to make my phone ring constantly and my email Inbox fill up with people wanting to hire me as their photographer.
Thinking to achieve this goal via SEO work - do the following:  have my website show up on the first page of Google and Yahoo (and other web sites) for the relevant key word searches.  These might be some good key words:
Raleigh Wedding Photographer
Raleigh Wedding Photos
(other related, highly used search words, feel free to recommend)
Your compensation:
Can do 1% of my photographer fee.  For my top wedding package, this works out to less than $10.  Metrics of your work will be kept, do good work and you can use them to sell your services to others (and I will write a testimonial).
If you read this far, perhaps you are a fit for this opportunity - please put     SEO-For Free    in the subject line of your email message to me. Thanks for your interest and for reading my proposal.