General Rules

  1. The staff’s decisions are always to be honored and respected.
  2. Harassment of players is strictly prohibited. Harassment is defined as, but not limited to: racism, homophobia, bigotry etc.
  3. You are your character. This is serious roleplay.
  4. Inappropriate names might be changed by staff. 
    • Names must only use US alphabetical characters (NATO phonetic alphabet)
  5. To contact staff, put a @ in front of your message. For a faster response, elaborate your request.
  6. Random Deathmatch (RDM) is strictly forbidden: Do not cause damage or death to a player or their property without a valid roleplay reason.
    • This includes death by vehicle.  Drive carefully or don't drive at all.
  7. Follow the New Life Rule (NLR): Memory is forgotten once your character dies. You also may not return to the place of your death for 3 minutes.
  8. Laws are laws, rules are rules. When laws are broken, contact law enforcement via /911 [message]. When MOTD rules are broken, contact a staff member via @ [reason].
  9. You are allowed to kill someone if they :
    • Enter your home without consent
    • Steal something from you or your party
    • Cause damage to you or your party
    • Cause damage to your property
    • Attempt to restrain you, or have already restrained a party member
    • Do not heed your warning (after 10 seconds is given)
  10. A warning may be issued to other players for threatening or obnoxious behavior. They must be given 10 seconds before you take action. 
    • Warnings may be issued with either a yell (/y) or an advertisement (/advert). 
    • They may not be longer than two sentences/lines, so that they are easily understood mid-gameplay. 
    • Examples:
      • /y Warning, you have 10 seconds to stop micspamming!
      • /advert Warning, don't slap me again or you'll regret it!
  11. Using suicide to avoid roleplay scenarios is strictly forbidden.
  12. Don't metagame (using OOC information to influence in-character decisions)
  13. Prop abuse is malicious and will be dealt with strictly by staff. The following may be considered prop abuse:
    • Prop-spamming
    • Prop-surfing
    • Prop-pushing/killing
    • Invisible props
    • Placing a camera in a home that is not yours
    • No-clipping other players using ghosted props
  14. Don't interrupt someone's trade/transaction unless you are currently raiding.
    • If the location of the transaction is not in a building, you may mug the merchant or consumer making the transaction with a /y Mug or /advert Mug .
  15. Use the appropriate channel of communication for your interactions.
    • Use /ooc for all server wide out-of-character-chat, and /looc or .// for local-out-of-character chat. 
  16. The advertisement system can be used to communicate to all players in-character.
    • Advertise by typing: /advert [message].
    • Respond to advertisements with PMs, so chat is not spammed: /pm [name] [message].
    • For roleplay purposes, you can assume when reading an /advert you have read their message from a media advertisement of some sort.
  17. Multibind announcements are forbidden. 
  18. Do not enter or abuse inaccessible areas. If you are stuck, contact a staff member.
  19. Randomly demoting someone without a roleplay reason will result in a punishment given by a staff member.
    • Improper demotion reason: "Shitty cop”
    • Proper demotion reason: "Abusing prisoners"
  20. You can only fire upon law enforcement if you are a felony criminal being pursued.
    • Force may not be used when being fined unless the above reason is in play, or they have been warned to stop via /y and failed to comply in the 10 second threshold, adverting will also work.
  21. You can be in anyone's "gang", but only party with jobs you can base with.
    • Gangs are OOC organizations of players who have grouped up in name only.
    • You don't have the right to defend someone if they're not in your party, even if you share a gang.
  22. To have a valid reason to defend someone, you must be in their party. Law enforcement is an exception.
  23. Running scripts and/or macros in any situation is forbidden.
  24. Keep your televisions inside, and fastened to a prop or to the world at all times, or they will be removed.
  25. Players in disguises are inherently illegal when in the PD. If you fail an /apply check or are caught in the act of disguising while in the PD, you can be arrested.
  26. When inside the police department a cop may tell you to "apply." Either leave, or type /apply within 10 seconds or they can arrest you.
    • This is to expose disguised spies.  Disguised spies may be arrested.
  27. Turrets are inherently illegal. Any base with visible turrets may be raided by the police.
  28. If you end up on someone's property by accidental OOC means, accept whatever conditions they have for your release, even if this means your death.
  29. Don’t be a nuisance.
    1. All forms of spam, micspam, chat/tts spam, earrape, and/or just being a general nuisance falls under this. 
    2. Entertainers and hobos are both exceptions to this rule, to the satisfaction of staff.
  30. Hobos are allowed to micspam but not earrape, and entertainers can be annoying as it is their purpose. Again, to the satisfaction of staff.
  31. Trying to find a loophole or using a loophole to get past our rules is strictly forbidden and will be punishable by staff.
  32. Slapping/snowballs are considered a nuisance, not a threat, so players should not be killed without warning.
  33. Only use police sirens with significant reason, to pull someone over or respond to a crime.  They shouldn't be left on without reason.
    • Spam/misuse of the police siren on vehicles will be dealt with at the leisure and patience of staff.
  34. Alternate accounts are allowed, as long as they:
    1. Are not used to avoid a ban
    2. Are not used to share or give any form of wealth or advantage between each-other and any associated individuals in any shape or form
  35. Do not use the Chess/Checkers tables to avoid roleplay or gameplay.
  36. Do not return your vehicle to avoid a carjacking (Fail RP).
  37. Gun licenses grant characters the right to own weapons; they are invalid unless a Mayor enacts gun laws.
  38. Regardless of the situation, nobody can spawn-camp.

Building Rules

    1. When building inside a house, you can place a building text screen for safety from raids: “Building.”
      • You can keep a building sign up until you start to place entities in the base (printers, etc).
      • A building sign will not protect you from hits.
      • If you don't have a hit on someone who's building, you should be leaving them alone so they can finish their work.
    2. You can't KOS (kill on sight) people outside your house without a warning.
    3. Every base must have one accessible door.
    4. The minimum keypad hold time is 4 seconds.
    5. Keypads must be immediately and obviously next to their fading door.
    6. If you can see and shoot at raiders, it must be possible for them to see and shoot you, within a fair degree.
      • Bases may have one-ways for viewing, however you may not shoot through them.
    7. You cannot build or move your props when you are being raided.
    8. You must only have three (3) fading doors between the outside of your base and your entities.
    9. Fading doors can not be double-layered.
    10. Use keypads (not buttons) to open fading doors that you will shoot through.
    11. Do not ever interrupt your keypad's hold time.
    12. You must use a placed keypad/button to open fading doors, never your hotkeys.
    13. Don't freeze props or entities in midair or they may be moved or removed by staff.
    14. No crouching/jumping should be required to reach purchased entities in any base.
      • Unemployed/animals are an exception to this rule.
    15. A raider should not be forced to crouch to return fire upon their attacker, due to the structure of a base or otherwise.
    16. Don't make/use invisible props or exaggerated material disorientation.
    17. Killboxes are forbidden.
    18. If you take a turret outdoors, you are responsible for any RDM it may cause.
    19. Turrets must be able to be destroyed.
    20. When building outside, you can not prevent passage of vehicles through the main road. There must be another way around.
      • Any road blocks are meant to be an avoidable nuisance.
    21. Cameras must not be invisible and should be fastened to the world via a prop or a wall.
    22. Your base should not have nocollided props.
    23. Mega-bases (bases which have multiple buildings, that players might segregate from the map by claiming more territory than just the sidewalk) require all members to:
      • Be in a party of 4 minimum
      • Own all doors of the buildings within the base. If another player owns property within the area you wish to mega-base, you cannot build it there.
      • There may only be 4 buildings or less within your mega-base
      • You must be willing to work with admins should they believe your base is not allowed.

    Job Rules & PvP Rules

    GroupJob NameJob DescriptionWho they can base/party withCan raid/mug?
    AlchemistExperiment with potions, and sell them to others.Civilians, Merchants
    BankerCan own and operate printers for themselves and others. May not scam.Banker
    Bus DriverDrive a bus around for a price (bus not included with job).Civilians
    CitizenOrdinary citizen who roams the fecal tides of Buttwaters.Civilians
    DroidA sentient Droid of unknown disposition.Civilians
    EntertainerEntertain others for tips.Civilians
    FatassDoesn't exercise much.Civilians
    FishermanMakes a living buying and selling fish.Civilians
    GuardJoin your employer's party to protect them.All groups*
    HookerSell your body for money.All groups*
    ImmigrantImmigrants craft cigarettes to make a quick buck.Civilians
    KidnapperKidnap other people for personal use or to sell them to someone else.Civilians
    LawyerRepresent the incarcerated and present them bail opportunities.All groups*
    BeekeeperSave the bees and sell honey.Civilians
    MechanicMechanics are paid by the city to repair various things.Civilians
    MedicPerform medical services for others, perhaps for a fee.Civilians
    MusicianPlay beautiful music for others to hear.Civilians
    News CameramanSet up a live TV show with a news camera that broadcasts what you see to TVs.Civilians
    PriestStart your own religion and gather a following.Civilians, Unemployed, Merchants
    WizardYou're gifted with the knowledge of arcane magic. Can only use weapons that they spawn with.Alone
    Radio HostPlay music for others on the radio, or use a microphone to broadcast your voice.Civilians
    Road WorkerRepairs damage to city roads for a profit.Civilians
    RebelOpposes the Combine. Those who play as Rebels can constantly war with the Metrocop job, so long as they accept the consequences.Rebel
    Black Market DealerSell contraband to others, also known as the heavy firearms dealer.Merchants
    CookPrepare master dishes for hungry mouths.Civilians, Merchants
    Drug DealerSell and produce several strains of marijuana.Merchants
    Gun DealerSell light firearms to others.Merchants
    ElfNot inherently criminal, but known to lighten a fat purse; elves are thin woodland humanoids with a penchant for archery.CiviliansNo
    FishmanHalf fish, half man; you're on the government doll and struggle to find meaning.FishmenYes
    GangsterTag territory, go on raids, make crack, heed your Boss's orders. The life of a gangster.Gangsters, Gang BossYes
    Gang BossOrganize your unit of gangsters and guide them on how to live the street life according to your rules.GangstersYes
    MafiosoThey produce and sell heroin while taking orders from the Don.Mafioso, The DonYes
    The DonHe gives orders to the Mafioso (and produces heroin). MafiosoYes
    Meth CookFollow a scientific process to create and sell meth, an illegal drug.Civilians, CriminalsNo
    SpyThey disguise themselves and raid others.SpiesYes
    TerroristSupplied with a special bomb that can only be used once every 20 minutes. There is no advert required to trigger the bomb.AloneYes
    They can mug, carjack, steal, and raid. They may also pickpocket other players by crouching behind them and pressing E on their back.
    Raid jobsYes
    Master ThiefRaid jobsYes
    HackerRaid jobsYes
    NinjaRaid jobsYes
    Hitman/HeadhunterKill people for money. A paid killing is not legal.AloneYes (to achieve hit)
    Plague DoctorPractice alchemy and medical arts.Raid jobsYes
    Police Officer / Secret Service / Civil ProtectionPatrol the streets and protect the mayor. Enforce the laws that the mayor creates.GovernmentWarranted criminals
    Civil Protection ChiefPatrol the streets and protect the mayor. Give out orders to the law enforcement team.GovernmentWarranted criminals
    SWAT OfficerWhen the CPs can’t handle the job on their own, the SWAT Officers step in. A CP with better protection and more firepower.GovernmentWarranted criminals
    MayorMake new laws, while commanding the CP to enforce them on others. He may only make semi-realistic laws so no KOS laws.GovernmentWarranted criminals
    ArmyTypically called in when factions are at war; the army will stay put in the PD until the Mayor puts them to work. See Job rules for directions on use.GovernmentWarranted criminals
    ChimpThey’re chimps.Unemployed
    PetCute dogs! They may not own any doors and may not have any weapons that they don’t spawn with.All groups*
    HoboA hobo on the streets. They are not allowed to own any doors.Unemployed
    Hobo LordThe Lord of all Hobos. He is not allowed to own any doors.Unemployed
    ZombieZombies are slowed and burn when the sun's out, so they lurk underground during the day.
    They are allowed to attack the living at any time; see detailed Zombie rules below.
    BirdBirds fly around and like shiny things. They pickpocket loose change from unsuspecting humans.Birds
                                                                                                                                                                                        *: Except 'Alone's
    1. Raiding is the forceful entry into another player's base with intent to kill and/or steal. Raid jobs can raid by following the instructions below.
    2. Any job with raiding capabilities must face the door to the base they're raiding and type /raid to initiate a raid.
      • Exceptions to this include police, who must issue a /warrant in order to raid.
      • Raids can be stopped any time by typing /stopraid
      • Simply follow the cooldowns enforced by the raiding script and leave the area you're raiding when the raid is over.
      • All players assisting in a raid must be in a party together.
      • Defenders for a raid may not build during a raid, this also applies for the raiders.
      • Raiders may not raid the same person again as it will get annoying for the defender, so to prevent this we want raiders to raid different places.
      • The timer for being able to raid again will only start after you say that the raid is over
      • Re-locking doors or fading doors to slow down raiders is punishable by staff
    3. You may not raid a base with a “building” sign.
    4. If you died during a raid or defense you may not return till the raid is completely over.
      • The exception to this is: law enforcement may return to a PD raid if there are 3 (three) or less law enforcement jobs online.
    5. To stop a raid or a mug, you must be the victim, partied to the victim, or a law enforcement job.
      • This means random players can not "counter" crimes.
    6. Any job with raiding capabilities can mug.
      • Use /y Mug [$ requested] or /advert Mug [$ requested], [10 seconds to comply] to initiate a mug.
      • The max amount that can be requested is $10,000. 
    7. Any job with raiding capabilities can "carjack" a vehicle.  
      • "Carjack" is defined by the act of stealing a "vehicle" of any sort.
      • Use /y Carjack or /advert Carjack to initiate a carjacking. 
    8. If you are a job that can not base together, you may not party together.
    9. A kidnapper may kidnap another person at their whim, but may be killed by their target once a restraint is attempted.
    10. If you are a vendor of any sort, you may not self-supply shipments; do not buy guns or drugs for your personal use.
      • You may only buy a single to defend yourself if you are a gun dealer or black market dealer.
      • Do not buy a gun and drop it to use it on another job.
    11. Don't scam anyone: they should get what they purchase unless it's legitimately stolen.
    12. If you are a cop you may only use lethal force on others if they attack you first or are actively shooting.
      • Otherwise, you must make an attempt to arrest criminals before using lethal force.
    13. If a criminal is surrendered, allow them to live while you attempt an arrest.  If they run away or pull a gun after surrendering, you may shoot.
    14. When guns are illegal, law enforcement can search for weapons in public.
    15. Mayors can demote their police force for any 'valid and sufficiently described roleplay reason', interpreted by staff.
    16. Terrorists are given the ability to self-detonate with a special bomb SWEP every 20 minutes. 
      • They do not need to advert before use of this bomb.
      • Terrorists can not advert "Terror" as an excuse to RDM. They must use their bomb to fulfill this purpose.
    17. Army rules:
      • Must stay inside PD at all times, unless specifically deployed by an active Mayor.
      • When there is no Mayor active, the Army must strictly stand guard inside PD at all times, no matter what.
      • If an Army unit is outside without a Mayor active, they must immediately return to the PD.
      • The army is not allowed to enforce the law or pursue criminals outside of the PD unless on orders from the Mayor.
      • The Army is able to buy Military Kevlar. They may buy them strictly for personal use, once at a time, and may not pocket them or share them with others at the risk of privilege loss.
    18. Lockdowns require a valid roleplay reason to be typed out with a /broadcast.
    19. Only use molotovs during a raid, to prevent the streets/uninvolved people from being burned.
    20. Zombies are a KOS job, meaning they can be killed on sight, and kill others on sight.
      1. The zombie spawn tunnel can be decorated and guarded with a single fading door with a button-press exit.  This will force zombie hunters to abide raid cooldowns to kill zombies hiding there.  
      2. The entry keypad code must be actively shared with all new zombies.
      3. Zombies will take damage if they're outside during dawn, day, and dusk.  Sunlight severely burns their flesh.
      4. Zombies can attack anyone at any time without notice, except for other zombies.
      5. Zombies can not specifically raid, but they can enter unlocked buildings to attack anyone within.
      6. Zombies are only permitted use of their default loadout: they may not attack with anything else, at risk of a permanent job ban.
      7. Zombies are not allowed to drive cars.
    21. Rebel rules:
      1. Rebels are allowed to KOS Metrocops (still a crime, so expect other law enforcement to respond).
      2. Non-Metrocop Law Enforcement jobs treat Rebels the same as they would anyone else, until they break the law.
      3. Crossfire is still RDM - don't hit random players.
      4. Rebels have a shared base nearby their spawn, which they may decorate and protect.
        1. Rebels cannot break NLR to protect their base.
    22. Metrocop rules:
      1. Metrocops act as a typical Law Enforcement job, but may opt to "re-educate" instead of "arrest" players.
        1. Instead of sending apprehended criminals to jail, metrocops may physically abuse and/or damage players, potentially until their death.  They must always do so out of sight of others.
      2. Metrocops are allowed to KOS Rebels.
      3. Metrocops may not raid the Rebel base.
      4. Learn specific metrocop rules when applying for the whitelist.
    Useful knowledge:

    DEL key : toggles thirdperson
    F6 : toggles the surrender animation (hold key)
    ALT + R : toggles Police Radio for Law Enforcement jobs (allows unlimited voice chat range with other active police radios)

    /a or /ooc : Out of Character Chat - knowing that you are your character in a roleplay game, you should use these commands when you wish to speak as yourself rather than "your character"
    /looc or .// Local out of Character Chat - same as /a or /ooc but this is only heard nearby.
    /advert : Chat tool used to advertise your sales or services.
    /billboard : Same as above, but anonymous  
    /pm "name" message : send a private message to "name"
    /p : send a message to your party
    /tts : send a text-to-speech message to those in range
    /channel # : sets your ingame radio channel
    /radio : sends a radio message to everyone tuned to your channel
    /roll : the server will roll a D20 for you, for roleplay use or otherwise. 
    /stats : check player number and amount of logins
    /party : opens the party menu
    /hiscores : opens the server chess highscores
    /newflip: create new coin flip offer
    /flips: view current coin flip offers

    !unbox : opens the unbox menu

    /discord : opens an invite link to our Discord  
    /steam : opens our Steam group page
    /content : opens our Workshop content
    /forums : opens our website forums
    /staffapp: opens the staff application page
    /trustedapp : opens the trusted application page
    /rules : opens the server rules (searchable version of !motd)
    /motd : opens the server rules (searchable version of !motd)

    Some final tips:
    • If someone is breaking the rules, summon a staff member. (“@”before your message)
    • If you expect an admin to respond to you, keep your request to one message and include a reason for summoning them.
    • Do not expect admins to compensate you for losses of any sort. Staff are not required to compensate.
    • If you are doing something that my staff feels warrants an offense but isn’t in the rules, they may still warn you anyway.
    • OOC automatically broadcasts to our Discord.
    • Asking for a staff position in-game is obnoxious. Post your application on the forums like everyone else.
    • Join the Discord to stay in the loop.

    Seeing errors?:
    - Make sure "Allow all custom files from server" is enabled under Options->other (click for picture)
    - If that doesn't help, subscribe to our Workshop Collection:
    - To completely ensure there are no conflicts, disable or unsubscribe to all your workshop addons from the escape menu, then subscribe to only our Workshop Collection. 
    - Doublecheck that the server's content pack addons are enabled.  Contact staff if any issues persist.
    - To play on rp_downtown_v4c_v6, it is required that you have Counter Strike: Source content mounted to your game.

    ! Closing out of this window means that you accept and have a basic understanding of the rules and are 18 years of age or older.

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