I am a Professor in the Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques (OM&QT) area at IIM Indore. Before joining IIM Indore in June 2015, I was an Associate Professor in the department of Mathematics and Statistics at Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada (during July 2007 - May 2015). I obtained B.Stat. and M.Stat. degrees (1998 - 2003) from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and a Ph.D. degree (2003 - 2007) in Statistics from Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada.

My primary research focus is in design and analysis of computer experiments, statistical modelling for computer simulators, sequential design for feature estimation. I am also exploring new research problems in data analytics with business and management applications.

Editorial Boards:

  • Associate Editor for Technometrics: Jan 2022 - Present

  • Guest co-editor for a special issue in Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice (2019 - 2020)

  • Past AE terms:

    • Canadian Journal of Statistics: Jan 2019 - Dec 2021

    • Journal of Royal Statistical Society - Series C (2014-18)

    • Journal of Statistical Software (2013-2015)

    • Journal of Quality Technology (2012-18)

R packages: GPfit, DynamicGP, IsoCheck