I am a Professor in the Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques (OM&QT) area at IIM Indore. Before joining IIM Indore in June 2015, I was an Associate Professor in the department of Mathematics and Statistics at Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada (during July 2007 - May 2015). I obtained B.Stat. and M.Stat. degrees (1998 - 2003) from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and a Ph.D. degree (2003 - 2007) in Statistics from Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada.

My primary research focus is in design and analysis of computer experiments, statistical modelling for computer simulators, sequential design for feature estimation. I am also exploring new research problems in data analytics with business and management applications.

Students interested in pursuing Ph.D. in Statistics with me are welcome to apply in the FPM program (OM&QT area) at IIM Indore.

Editorial Boards: 
  • Associate Editor for Canadian Journal of Statistics:  Jan 2019 - Present
  • Guest co-editor for Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice - SI: "Algorithms, Analysis and New Methodologies in Design of Experiments" (2019 - 2020)
  • Past AE terms: Journal of Royal Statistical Society - Series C (2014-18), Journal of Quality Technology (2012-18)