Personal Profile

Dr. P.R.G.Mathur
Professor & Director, Ananthakrishna Iyer International Centre for Anthropological studies (AICAS),
18/802 English Church Road, Palakkad–14, Kerala, India

Chairman, International Commission on Urgent Anthropological Research, International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), South Indian Regional Centre, Palakkad-14, Kerala, India

Date of Birth: 12-10-1934

Specializations: Social & Cultural Anthropology, Maritime Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Anthropology and Development, Anthropology and Ecology

Academic Qualification and Positions held:-                  

1973: Ph.D in Anthropology, Calcutta University.
Under Prof. Surajit Sinha, world renowned Anthropologist and former Vice Chancellor, Viswabharathi University, Santiniketan

1959 to 1973: Worked in various capacities in the Anthropological Survey of India, Government of India, Calcutta.

1973 to 1979: Worked as special officer Tribal Research and Training Centre (Centre for Anthropological Studies), Government of Kerala, Calicut

1973 to 1987: Guide for Ph.D. students in Anthropology at the University of Calicut

1973 to 1987: Taught applied Anthropology, Development and Cultural Diversities to the officials of different departments including Revenue, Police and Forest for 15 years at the Training Wing of the Department of KIRTADS (Kerala Institute for Research Training and Development Studies), Centre for Anthropological Studies. 

1976: Introduced classification of community studies at the KIRTADS for the first time in India to protect and defend the constitutional safeguards of SC, ST and OBC.

1979 to 1987: Director and Head of Department in the Grade of University Professor, Kerala Institute for Research Training and Development Studies of SC & ST (KIRTADS), Government of Kerala, Centre for Anthropological Studies

1979: Founder Member, Ananthakrishna Iyer International Centre for Anthropological Studies (AICAS)

1979 to 1992: Anthropological Advisor and Executive Member, Ananthakrishna Iyer International Centre for Anthropological Studies (AICAS), 18/802, English Church Road, Palakkad-14

1982 to 1987: Conducted training programmes on Indigenous medicine for the tribal people.

1982: Honoured with a Fulbright Fellowship in Anthropology. Visited several Universities in USA and delivered lectures on Applied Anthropology and Development Administration in India. Visited several universities in UK as part of Fulbright programme

1987 to 1989:Special Officer, KIRTADS, SC & ST Development Department, Government of Kerala, Secretariat, Trivandrum

1992:Visiting Fellow, International School of Dravidian Linguistic Studies, Trivandrum

1993 to 2002: Secretary, AICAS.

1994 to 1998: Worked as Consultant Anthropologist for the Kerala State Commission for Backward Classes chaired by a Retired High Court Judge of Kerala

1996 to 1998:Worked as Consultant Anthropologist for the National Commission for Backward Classes chaired by an Ex-chief Justice of India, on the study of the Muslim Communities of Kerala and Karnataka states.

2003 to 2007: Director and Professor of Anthropology, AICAS.

2003 to 2007: Vice-Chairman, Centre for Indigenous Knowledge, Science and

Culture (CIKSC), Calicut, Dr. Manilal, Emeritus Professor and world renowned Botanist is the Chairman of the CIKSC

2007: Awarded the first Ananathakrishna Iyer Memorial Award by the Anthropological Association, Mysore in recognizing my contribution in Anthropology for the past five decades.