Netting the Internet: The Best of Dermatology On the Net

How to effectively use the internet. Also the Best hand-picked Internet resources in Dermatology. Annotated with personal comments. 

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Why should I care?

  • Biggest dermatological library

  • Many online information resources: 6,450,000 results on Google for “Internet resources in dermatology”

  • Three basic uses:

              Literature survey: Information retrieval

              Education and CME: reading to “stay current”



              Publication: Journals and Websites


What are the Challenges ?

  • KEY questions:

q    scholastic quality

q    relevance

q    ease of access

  • Too much "noise" : irrelevant or low-quality material

  • How to separate "the wheat from the chaff“

  • Time? 

Getting Ready

  • Update your OS

  • Antivirus and Antispyware (Spybot S&D is one of the best!!)

  • Firewall

  • Switch to Broadband : It is worth it !!!

  • Switch to Firefox browser

q     Tabbed browsing

q     Bookmarkè save ---> export --> Import in case of system overhaul

Back up ! Back up !! Back up!!!

q     External hard drives/CD/DVD

Bookmark the sites of interest and organize your bookmarks

Save the pages of interest--> organize yor material.

Literature Search:
1. Find that elusive article


  • Install the Biobar plugin in Firefox: Type directly into the browser

  • Use correct Boolean operator or  “----”:capitalize AND, OR, NOT          

  • Use limits and the default for the "number of documents to display per page" is 20, you can change that to 50

  • Change keywords and different combinations

  • Never miss the related articles link

  • Use “truncation” with textwords:

q     diagnos* (will retrieve diagnosis, diagnostic, etc.)

  • Use the Single Citation Matcher under PubMed Service

Invest in a citation manager program such as EndNote:

q     Download abstracts from Medline

q     Label abstracts for quick searches later

q     Effortless reference resorting


Literature Search: 
2. Use MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) database

  • After searching for a topic, click on Details to see if PubMed searched using an appropriate MeSH term. If not, open the MeSH Database under PubMed Services and search for a MeSH term

  • Use the “explode” function to broaden your retrieval

  • Use subheadings” to improve your retrieval

 3.Use PubMed Clinical Queries

 4.Use OMIM for Genodermatoses 

5. Register on MyNCBI

  • Save searches

  • Set up e-mail alerts for new content

  • Display links to Web resources (LinkOut)

  • Choose filters that group search results.

  • Get informed of your new publication on Pubmed

Literature Search:
6. Indian Medline

IndMED: A Bibliographic database of Indian biomedical journals Search


  • medIND: Fulltext of 38 Journals Indexed in IndMED.

  • MetaMED: - A meta-search tool to search IndMED and PubMed with single click.

  • Union Catalogue: A database containing journal holdings of major medical libraries of India.

  • Other Links: Other important Services and Resources.

General dermatological search:
Basic Tips

  • Do NOT underestimate the power of Google: Focus on First 5 pagesè Beware of Low quality material

  • Used advanced search options

  • Use Google scholar

  • Use other search engines:  Yahoo or MSN search if you don’t find what you need

  • Look for quality benchmarks:

q     Health on Net

q     Omni (Organising Medical Networked Information)

q     MedCERTAIN

q     C-H-i-Q (Centre for Health Information Quality - UK)          


General dermatological search: Using OmniMedicalSearch

  • Try for more “noise-free” results

  • URL:

  • Metasearch engine: results of ALL the search engines and databases you selected

  • Designed to search 30+ different sources in 4 different categories including images, news and Web 2 ie non profit sites only

  • 16+ different medical search engines

q     (, PubMed Central, National Institute of Health,, National Cancer Institute, ClinicalTrials, CenterWatch, and Centers for Disease Control, eMedicine,, HealthCentral,, Healthline,,, and   


General dermatological search:
Using Metacrawler


Try  A metasearch engine like Metacrawler:

q    Searches many common search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, AskMe etc.

q    Get the top results of all of the searched sites


I get a lot of Rubbish search results! Which are the most Comprehensive and Reliable sites??

 *****: SUPERB; ****: Excellent; ***: Good; ** Decent

National Library for Health Skin Conditions Specialist Library  ****

DermQuest: ****

Access dermatology   ****

Medline Plus ***

DermNet New Zealand Dermatological Society's web site *** the New Zealand Dermatological Society's web site, includes basic patient information about a large number of skin disorders and medical education


Emedicine dermatology ***

ARMC dermatology unit: ***

q     Nearly 30 great clinical cases to quiz yourself

q     Very useful for residents

Advanced dermatology education server ***

q     Good but brief multimedia coures in selected topics in dermatology

Dermatology for Medical Students.*** good introductory lectures on dermatology

What about Textbook like material?


(Social Hygiene Handbook, 2nd Edition)

The ElectronicTextbook of Dermatology ***

Principles of Pediatric Dermatology ***

Are there websites that give the links to important derm sites? METASITES

Karolinska Institutet library: *****

Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research****

HardinMD Dermatology:***

Good bookmarks in dermatology ***

Doctors bookmarks: ***


Some more reliable METASITES please!!

OMNI ***

Health on Net Foundation:***


New York Online Access to Health***

MetroHealth of Cleveland***


I know all this! What about the Evidence Based Dermatology & Guidelines?

Check out the following:

q     Cochrane review:

q     Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE):

q     National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (NGC)

q     BAD guidelines:

q     AAD guidelines:

I want to search for that Damned  Scoring system??

Go to the Medical Algorithm Project with a wide variety of useful scoring systems*****

Free Registration allows you to see all the algorithms

You can freely download Excel Files that allow you to calculate the score by just filling the spaces

VERY USEFUL for people with PDA

Ok! Enough of text. I want some Pictures…..


q     nearly 50,000 Excellent quality clinical and micro-photographs

q     Excellent quizzes

q     Also features Thought leader commentaries, therapeutic strategies, free BJD Acsess, tips on managing pratice, News 

Interactive Dermatology atlas *****


Dermatlas: Dermatology  Image Atlas:****

  •                 >  8000 clinical images, As per HONcode principles
            Alphabetical index, Homunculus index, Searchable
  •                   Quality is good-exccellent
  •                            Frequently updated
  •                            Quiz
  •                 Links to other derm sites
  •                        Submission of images
  •                             Few CMEs
  •                                Differenitials are not always appropriate


q     Excellent collection of > 9000 images of various conditions


Other BETTER Resources for Dermatological Images


q      Simple yet efficient

q      Some good links

q      Excellent quality with brief and great description

q      Some rare diseases


 Dermatology Atlas by Loyala University***

q      Selected diseases

q      Simple tree architecture

q      Good quality


Dermatologic Image Database:***

q      Good to very good quality photos

q      One of the first good derm sites


Hypertext Atlas of dermatology***

q     image database of dermatology/ dermatopathology

q     an expert system for epithelial tumors of the skin


Dermatology Atlas:**

q     >5000 good to average quality photographs including some rare genodermatoses

q     Simple architecture

q     No additional content**


Dermatology image bank: **

Last updated in 2000***

Dermatology image bank:**

More Images…..

Map of Dermatology ***

q    OMNI catalogued resource.

q    Based on Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology.

q    Area +Lesional morphologyè diagnosisè search for images

q    Also try Google images


That’s Very good!! But I Don’t Have Time! What can I do???

How can I tele-consult with other dermatologists

Telederm org:

q    on-line discussion of interesting and unusual cases in clinical dermatology and dermatopathology

q    based on the transmission of digital images

q    Open Access Teleconsultation every user can easily seek diagnostic advice from a pool of other users willing to share their knowledge

Fine!  Do we get any freebies ?

Clinical Dermatology: A Manual of Differential Diagnosis:


An Excellent free software download with great photos and brief descriptions right on Your desktop!

q     YSP Dermatology Image Database  v1.23

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