Endometrium Biopsy 

Endometrial Ca AJCC 6th Edition; CAP 2005
Curetting or Biopsy 2006-08-04 Cancer Case Summary
Diagnosis Example: Endometrium - Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma, See Cancer Case Summary
# Report Header Dictation Options Note
Surgical Pathology Cancer Case Summary  
1 Specimen Type Curettage, Biopsy  
2 Specimen Adequacy Satisfactory  
    Limited by (specify) clinical correlation needed to determine if endometrium sampled adequately  
3 Extent of Tumour % of specimen involved or dimensions  
4 Histologic Type Endometrioid  
    Secretory variant  
    Ciliated cell variant  
    With Squamous Differentiation Benign squamous "Adenoacanthoma"
    Adenosquamous carcinoma Both adeno and squamous are malignant
    Serous adenoca G3 by definition
    Clear cell adenoca G3 by definition
    Mucinous adenoca All Grade 1
    Squamous cell ca  
    Mixed ca Ca, other than adenoca w sq differentiation, in which add'l type(s) of ca are =>10% of tumour (hysterectomy) or any am't  in a curetting. Specify % of other types.
    Undifferentiated ca  
    Other, specify,  e.g. Villoglandular adenoca, Malig. Mixed mesodermal tumour (grade 3)  
5 Histologic Grade   Notable nuclear atypia, inappropriate for the architectural grade, raises otherwise G1 to G2
      Serous, clear cell & mixed mesodermal = G3
      AdenoCa w benign sq elements is graded by nuclear grade of the glandular component
    Grade X Cannot be assessed
    Grade 1  =< 5% non-squam/non-morular solid growth
    Grade 2 6-50% non-squam/non-morular solid growth
    Grade 3 > 50% non-squam/non-morular solid growth
6 Additional Pathology No additional pathology  
    Hyperplasia (specify type, extent) Simple, Complex,  +/- Atypia
    Other, specify  
7 Special Studies    
8 Correlation with prior biopsy Specify Surg # Explain any differences
9 Comments Recommendation for followup  
  Lcode L864