Colon Ca-Gross
Colon Ca Gross 2007-11-07  
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Neoadjuvant Therapy XRT | Chemo | XRT+Chemo    
  No  |  Unknown    
Clinical Staging Not Provided with Specimen    
  T N M Exactly as on Surgical Requisition
Specimen Type Recto-sigmoid, TI, Appendix,  Rt_Colon, Omentum List all tissues received
Pathologist Reviewed with Pathologist   
Measurements Anat. Part: L x Circ x Thick 3 dim for all parts incl mesentery and omentum
Serosa Smooth/ w adhesions, pus, perf  
Tumour Site Rectosigmoid, Descending, Transverse Colon, Cecum Anatomical Location
Anterior Peritoneal Reflection:   Only applicable for Rectosigmoid or APR
Location Above Distal Margin _ cm  OR 'NA'   NA for transverse and right colon
Tumour Location Relative to Anterior Peritoneal Reflection (cm) _ cm Below / Above / Straddles OR 'NA' __ cm measured on anterior aspect from closest peritoneum to lower / upper border of tumour
Mesorectum Not Applicable or    
  APR or Recto-Sigmoid Ca Incomplete Little bulk to the mesorectum
      Defects in the mesorectum down to the muscularis propria
      After transverse sectioning, margin very irregular
    Near Compl. Moderate bulk to the mesorectum
      Irregularity of the mesorectal surface w. defects > 5 mm but none extending to musc propria
      No areas of visibility of the musc. propria except at the insertion  site of the levator ani muscles 
    Complete Intact bulky mesorectum with a smooth surface
      Only minor irregularities of mesorectal surface
      No surface defects greater than 5 mm in depth
      No coning towards the distal margin 
      After transverse sectioning CRM is smooth
Tumour Size      
Length (cm)      
Width (cm)      
Thickness (cm)       
Tumour Configuration Polypoid , Ulcerated, Infiltrative    
Tumour Perforation Present / Absent    
Extent of Invasion Confined to Musc propria / Invades fat / organs/ omentum Ink serosal surface over tumour; State apparent depth of invasion without measurement
Clearance to Margins      
Proximal (cm)    
Distal (cm)      
Circumferential (cm) ## cm or NA Applicable for all sites but Transverse Colon
Mesenteric (cm) ## cm or NA Transverse Colon only; "NA" for other sites
Closest Margin Prox / Distal / Circ / Mesenteric    
Other Features Remainder of the mucosa    
Other Tissues Omentum, TI, Appendix    
Lymph Nodes # possible LN submitted Review w Pathologist if fewer than 12 LN found
Sections 1-3 Tumour incl. section to show max depth
4-6 Circumferential or mesenteric margin en face or perpendicular according to closeness of ca
7,8 Proximal and Distal Margins    
9-12 Other, normal tissues    
13-25 Lymph Nodes one per block