Bone Marrow 


Bone Marrow    
    Case Summary 2006-09-25
Diagnosis Example: Bone Marrow Aspirate (+ Biopsy) - morphologic diagnosis
# Report Header Dictation Options   Note
1 Clinical Hx Indication    
2 Site and Type of Specimen Sternum, PIC; Asp/Bx    
3 CBC Hb, WC, MCV, Plt     
4 Morphology Review Pathologist report on blood RBC, WBC, Plt    
5 Quality of Specimen Satisfactory, Limited by.., Insufficient material for dx    
6 Cellularity Normal, increased, decreased    
7 M:E ratio 3:1 or other and why    
8 Erythropoeisis Number, morphology    
9 Myelopoeisis Number, morphology    
10 Megakaryocytes Number, morphology    
11 Lymphocytes & Plasma cells Number, morphology    
12 Stainable Iron Normal, increased, decreased, absent    
13 Bone Marrow Biopsy Adequacy Satisfactory  
    Size __ mm  
    Hematopoiesis Number & morphology  
    Infiltrates Present, Absent  
14 Other Other findings, IHC    
15 Genetics NA or Requested (or reported under CG#)    
16 Flow Cytometry NA or Requested (or reported under #)    
17 Internal Consultation NA / Pathologist name