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Something to look forward for the Year 2016 (SUBJECT TO CHANGES)

March 26 - Holy "Black" Saturday- Reflection: The Holy Sepulcher 

March 27- The Lord's Resurrection Sunday: At the end of the 10 o'clock Mass there will be a very short but special Organ-Music /Orgelmusik by Herr Christian Mies

June 27- Anniversary of the Blessing of the Church Abbey in Tholey and the Introduction of the image and special prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

July 17 - Klosterfest Concert

(Due to technical organization failure our September and December activities are cancelled. Please wait for the publication of our 2017 Program. Thank you for your understanding) 

December 8, 2015
66th  Anniversary Year of the refoundation of the Abbey of Tholey. A symposium about this historical event was presented by two distinguished professors of the University of Saarland. 

Prof. Dr. Lucia Scherzberg

Prof. Dr. August H. Leugers-Scherzberg



The Klosterfest this year 2015 was very successful. It started with the Pontifical High Mass celebrated by the Abbot Mauritius Choriol, OSB. The Mass was accompanied by the Men's Choral Singers of the Abbey under the leadership of Alfons Kreuz. Christian Mees was the organist.

Lunch was served in the grounds of Gästehaus/ Hotel St. Lioba of the Abbey. A special Band animated the Afternoon. 


The highlight of the afternoon was an Organ and Solo Tenor Concert by the Benedictine Monks- Br. Ambrosius-Maria OSB and Father Albert-Maria OSB. The Klosterfest ended with a Pontifical Vesper.   

Among the Musical pieces featured in the Program were:
Orgel: Br. Ambrosius-Maria (right) 
          Toccata und Fuge d-Moll - J. Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
          Rhosymedre - Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)           
          Festival Toccata C-Dur - Percy Eastman Fletcher (1879-1932)
          Andantino g-Moll - César Franck (1822-1890)
          Toccata e-Moll Op. 29.1 - Josaph Callaerts (1838-1901)   

Solo:    Father Albert-Maria (Left) 
            Wohl mir, dass ich Jesum habe- aus der Kantate BWV 147 - J.S. Bach
            Mariä Wiegenlied- aus Schlichte Weisen, op.76,52- Max Reger (1873-1916)
            O salutaris hostia-aus Missa brevis, op.30- Théodore Salomé (1822-1890)
            Panis angelicus- aus Messe solennelle, op.12- César Franck 

On May 17, the abbot Mauritius of the abbey of Tholey presided a "May Meditation on the Blessed Virgin Mary" It was held at the Abbey's Baroque Garden where the "Fountain of Mary" may be found. A number of people came and the celebration was accompanied by the Abbey's St. Mauritius Band directed by Br. Joachim OSB.


On April 23 the diocese of Trier assembled around 400 religious women and men in the city of Trier to continue the celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life. A word of inspiration was delivered by the bishop of Munster Mons. Dr. Felix Genn. The principal convents and abbeys in the diocese also displayed charts with pictures and descriptions that capture their life and charism as a community. The Benedictine Abbey of Tholey joyfully participated in this event (see photos below).

On February 2, the Feast Day of the Presentation, and also the feast day of all religious men and women who embraced the consecrated life, the Auxilliary Bishop of Trier Mons. R. Brahm officiated a Holy Mass at the Benedictine Church of St. Mauritius in Tholey. Around 80 religious attended the day's program. They were welcomed by Abbot Mauritius and the monks of the abbey and joined in a festive lunch at Gästehaus St. Lioba and also in the group dynamics in the afternoon held at the Petrus Borne Zentrum.


The Institute of Theology - Catholic and Protestant Sections-  of the University of Saarland held a Colloquium in the Abbey of Tholey on the 12th of December 2014. The activity ended with a question and answer about the Abbey and the Benedictine Life.
(Left ) Prof. Dr. Michael Hüttenhoff spoke about Gunter Jacob; (Right) Prof. Lucia Scherzberg hands a book to Abbot Mauritius as a gift. 

(Left Photo) Prof. Lucia Scherzberg, the directress of the Catholic section Institute of Theology at the University of Saarland talks to Abbot Mauritius and Herr Johannes Naumann.  

Benedictine Monks' Lecture at the UNISaarland: On the 8th of December, Pater Abt Mauritius Choriol OSB, Prof. Dr. P. Albert-Maria Bagood, OSB, Herr Johannes Naumann and Br. Joachim Wernersbach OSB, gave a lecture to the students of the Institute of Catholic Theology at the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken, Germany. The team talked about: Lumen gentium, Perfectae caritatis and the Benedictine monanstic life in Tholey, the internal organization of Tholey's monastic community, the glorious moments of the abbey in the history and the actual pastoral engagement of the Tholeyer monks.


 (Above photos were taken minutes before the start of the Ecumenical celebration: below were taken during the celebration.)


Saarland Police Assembly in Tholey:  On the 2nd of December, Police from all over Saarland were gathered in the Abbey of Tholey for their annual advent assembly. The program started with a tour of the abbey at 16.30,  followed by an ecumenical celebration at 18.30 and ended with a dinner at the Gästehaus St. Lioba.  Some important government officials came for the celebration. 

Margarete Stitz and Johannes Naumann presented last October 10 at the Pavilion of Gästehaus St. Lioba their book entitled  " Visitation of the Parishes in Schaumberger Land - Dossier of Tholey, Thalexweiler, Marpingen, Bliesen, Theley Hasborn - from 1569 to 1781. Transcriptiion, translation and Comemntary". 

Johannes Naumann is the vice-president of the Petrus Borne Zentrum Association.  


Benediction of the New Abbot 

The new abbot of the benedictine abbey of Tholey in Germany- Abbot Mauritius OSB, has been  installed on Sunday September 21, 2014 at 9.30 a.m. by Bishop Dr. Stephan Ackermann of Trier. Congratulations and God's blessings to Abbot Mauritius! (Photo above) - On the right hand side of the new Abbot is the Minister President Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, State Parliament President Hans Ley & behind is the Bishop Ackermann.  (Photo below left) - Bishop Ackermann visited the Gästehaus St. Lioba. 
(Photo right) The Bishop had a short exchange of words with some of the invited Benedictine Abbots somewhere in the baroque garden of the Abbey. 

Petrus Borne Zentrum (PBZ) held its annual International Colloquium last weekend 12-13 September. It was a friendly and enriching meeting of professors and directors of centers of formation. The theme of this year's Colloquium is "Our Catholic Faith and Our Culture Today".  Four lectures served as impluses to start the more important discussions that followed. 

(Left Photo) The first lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Fr. Stipan Juric, OP, (seated at the far end right) dean of the Faculty of Theology at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas - Angelicum- in Rome. His lecture is entitled "The Women in the Bible: their Faith and their Culture". The photo above complements the topic since we have invited 4 women and 4 men for this year's colloquium. 

(Right Photo) Herr Bernhard Zaunseder, director of the adult and family formation and organization of the diocese of Trier in Germany talked about "Catholic Adult Formation Today: facts and Challenges". 


(Left Photo) The third session was animated by a lecture delivered by Prof. Dr. Dominique Lambert from the University of Notre Dame de la Paix in Namur, Belgium. The title of the lecture was: "Science and Faith Today after a Decade" 

(Right Photo) The 4th lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Heiner Timmermann of the University of Jena and Director of Rosenhof Social-Political Academy in Weimar. The title of his lecture was: "The Role of Political Catholicism in Europe Today."

The discussions were enriched by the knowledge and experiences shared by Prof. Dr. Lucia Scherzberg, directress of the Catholic Institute of the University of Saarland in Germany, Prof. Dr. Laura Rizzerio, director of the project "Vulnerability and Our Culture" in the University of Namur, Maria Ziegler, (Heusweiler Germany) our resource person for missionary activity,  and Veronique Herman of the CEFOC - a center for cultural dialogue in Belgium. 

The Tholeyer-Kreis (a name coined by the regular participants of the annual meeting) was served at meal time by a once upon a time starred-cook and now the newly elected abbot of the Abbey of Tholey Abbot Mauritius OSB (standing in front) and his assistant Prof. Em. Dr. Fr. Albert OSB (standing behind).  

The Benedictine Abbey of  St. Mauritius in Tholey Germany has elected a new abbot. Abbot Mauritius OSB is now the superior of the oldest Abbey in Germany.  The photo below shows Abbot Mauritius in the middle and accompanied by Abbot Albert Schmidt, the Abt-Präses of the Beuron Congregation (right) and Abbot Benedikt Müntnich from the Abbey of Maria Laach (left). 

The Juniors' Week 2014 of the Benedictine Beuron Congragation was held for the first time in Tholey last August 4-9 with a theme: "Human and Spiritual Maturity". The participants came from the Abbeys of Beuron, Seckau. Maria Laach, Gerleve and Tholey.  

Abbot Laurentius Schlieker OSB from the Abbey of Gerleve gave the talks and activities for the sessions. 

The Benedictine monks also had a half-day excursion and visited the World Cultural Heritage Museum in Völklingen and the City of Saarbrücken. 



On May 1st, under the blessed and gentle pour of rain, the newly renovated "late baroqueTeehaus" was blessed. Lectures and musical pieces were presented at the Abbey's St. Theobert Pilgerstube. The "Teehaus" is multi-functional and it can certainly accommodate a small special group discussion or a very important high-level meeting. 





"The Holy Grave" is a piece of art dating back to 1870/80. It used to be shown to the people from Holy Friday ´till the afternoon of Black Saturday. This tradition stopped around 1950 when the image was left in a miserable state and abandoned in an unknown place. During the renovation of the Beda Venerabilis wing of the Abbey, the image was rediscovered and was restored. Now the image is back to its glorious state and can be seen in the Abbey's Church in Tholey. Last April 19 a special meditation on Jesus' Burial & the Holy Grave was presented by Prof. em. P. Albert-Maria Bagood OSB. 


COME JOIN US IN PRAYER AND IN WORK as a visitor in search of peace and quiet, or perhaps as a candidate monk! ....Experience the Abbey of Tholey!

                  Petrus Borne Zentrum (PBZ)  - ABTEI THOLEY- St. Lioba Hotel


Dr.- Petrus-Brone-Zentrum is a center for spirituality and culture. It is a center administered by the Benedictine Abbey of St. Mauritius in Tholey, Germany. 

The Center aims at bridging  the most basic aspects  of a modern Christian's life, i.e.,  his spiritualiy - the inner life centered in Christ and his culture- the outward manifestations and products of his creativity and intelligence.

In this effort to present and cultivate a comprehensive and holistic image of man, Petrus Borne Zentrum hopes to share and  diffuse a Benedictine approach to human life issues.


"Ora, lectio et labora" is not just for the monks but for all who seek meaning in life. We therefore invite you to stay with us as we continue the construction of this website . 

 (Below is our Baroque Garden with white benches set  in a background of  Lavender )