Sister Schools

Ausindo Educational was created in 2007 by Dr Herli Salim, Lecturer, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in Serang and Dr Peter Waterworth (check out Ausindo Educational flyer). The organisation is committed to establishing strong relationships of tolerance, respect, friendship and collaboration between Australia and Indonesia, working, by request, on behalf of schools mainly in the provinces of West Java and Banten in the western end of the island of Java. Herli and Peter offer mediation to schools in Indonesia and Australia wishing to set up Sister School links. Since its inception, Ausindo Educational has conducted seminars, consultations and workshops in schools from both countries and has successfully brought together more that 70 schools into Sister School relationships (check the Ausindo Educational blog).
This page describes the activities that Dr Waterworth has undertaken in both Indonesia and Australia for Ausindo Educational.

Seminar on International Standards in Schools,

Association of Senior School Principals, Department of Education, City of Serang, Indonesia

with SMKN 1 Serang Principal, Pak Oeng, 2007



SMAN 2 Tangerang Selatan (Senior Secondary School)

with Director of Education, Tangsel, Pak Sofian, 2009 



SDN 1 Ciruas, Serang (Primary School)

with Grade 4 teacher, Ibu Airin, 2009



SMAN 1 Anyar (Senior Secondary School)

with Principal, Pak Sawali and staff, 2009



SMAN 2 Bogor (Senior Secondary School)

with student leaders, 2010



SMAN 2 Cibinong (Senior Secondary School)

with Principal, Ibu Zuraidah and senior staff, 2011



Heany Park Primary School, after signing of MOU with SDN 2 Serang

with Principal, David Ross (Heany Park), Principal, Ibu Dewi (Serang) and Consul General Indonesia, Pak Irmawan, 2012


SDN 1 Rangkasbitung, Banten (Primary School)

with Ausindo Educational Sister School Mediator, Dr Herli Salim and School Principal, Pak Aceng, 2012