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Chief investigator

Prof. Peter Teske
Department of Zoology
University of Johannesburg

My research focuses on discovering how near-contemporary and historical environmental factors have generated genetic structure in marine animals. My main focus areas are southern Africa and temperate Australia.





Ongoing projects:

  • A genomic look at the stock structure of South African sardines (with Carl van der Lingen, Brent Chiazzari, Angus Macdonald and Luciano Beheregaray; PhD student: Tiru Golla)
  • Conservation genetics of the endangered Knysna seahorse, Hippocampus capensis (with Bettine Jansen van Vuuren; PhD student: Thomas Mkare)
  • Seascape genetics of temperate Australian invertebrates (with Luciano Beheregaray, Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo, Erik van Sebille and Jon Waters)
  • Dispersal and population structure of coastal invertebrates in the Wild Coast region of South Africa (with Christopher McQuaid; students: Yolanda Qhaji, Eduard Drost, Sophie Bader, Jody Oliver and Candice Jooste)
  • Antitropical distribution patterns and phylogeography of the ascidian Pyura herdmani (with Mbaye Tine and Marc Rius; intern: Khaalid Khan)
  • Co-evolution of mangroves and mangrove-associated crabs (with Stefano Cannicci, Christopher McQuaid, Sara Fratini and Christoph Schubart; postdoc: Arsalan Emami-Khoyi)
  • Mesoscale connectivity of marine mussels (with Francesca Porri and Christopher McQuaid; MSc student: Jody Oliver)
  • An investigation of edge-center population dynamics in marine mussels (with Gerardo Zardi and Katy Nicastro; MSc student: Noxolo Ntuli)
  • Hybridisation of marine biota on a changing planet (with Marc Rius and Christopher McQuaid; PhD students: Alessia Dinoi and Jamie Hudson)
  • An investigation of female philopatry in raggedtooth sharks, Carcharias taurus (with Kolobe Mmonwa and Matt Dicken; PhD student: Juliana Klein)

Editorial boards: BMC Genetics, BMC Zoology
Societies: SANCOR, International Biogeography Society
h-index: 24; m-index: 1.6

Recent grants:
  • NRF CSUR (2014-2016): "A genomic look at the stock structure of South African sardines". Teske PR, van der Lingen C, McQuaid CD, Beheregaray LB. ZAR 859 800.
  • PADI Foundation Grant (2015): "Highway or bypass: the role of the Agulhas Current in connecting coastal populations in south-eastern Africa". Teske PR. US$ 5000.
  • Rufford Foundation Small Grants (2015): "A second look the conservation genetics of the Endangered Knysna seahorse: can new molecular tools improve management practices?" Teske PR. GBP 5196.
  • NRF Blue Skies (2016-2017) McQuaid CD, Cannicci S, Teske PR. 
  • Claude Leon Harris Foundation (2016-2017) McQuaid CD, Cannicci S, Teske PR. 
  • ACEP (2015-2018): "Pathways of larval dispersal: the roles of alongshore and cross shore transport". Porri F, Teske PR, McQuaid CD. ZAR 1 256 300.
  • NRF CSRR (2016-2018): "Hybridisation of marine biota on a changing planet". Teske PR, Rius M, McQuaid CD. ZAR 639 445.
  • NRF Thuthuka (2016-2017): "A genetic investigation of female philopatry in the raggedtooth shark, Carcharias taurus". Mmonwa LK, Teske PR, Dicken M.

For more information, please download the CV: TeskeCV.pdf