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This is my professional homepage.  Here you will find lots of helpful information including hands-on activities for inquiry-based mathematics lessons, ideas for exciting classroom interactions, and a general wealth of information for teachers, teacher educators, and students of all ages.

Let me introduce myself:  I'm a mathematics educator / entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in teaching people of all ages.  You can learn more about me by clicking on the link ("about me") in the left-hand frame.  I have also included some of my favorite activities and links (found by clicking the "activities" link) for mathematics, teaching mathematics, and teaching with technology.  Please email me and let me know if there are additional sites I should include.  

To arrange speaking engagements, workshops, webinars, or professional development, please either email me or complete the "contact us" information on my company website.

Email: Diana.Perdue "at" gmail "dot" com


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