I have been an Assistant Professor at Williams College since July 2016. Before that I was a Davies Fellow at the United States Military Academy. My research interests are in algebra and combinatorics, particularly as these subjects relate to the representation theory of Lie algebras. 

Dr. Pamela E. Harris

email: pamela.e.harris (at) williams.edu

Office phone: (413)597-3396

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Williams College
Mathematics and Statistics Department
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    Special Issue of The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics: Mathematics and Motherhood

    Co-Founded the website

    Upcoming Travel 
    • Computing weight multiplicities, AWM Workshop: Special Session on Noncommutative Algebra and Representation Theory. JMM 2018, San Diego, California, January 2018.
    • Kostant’s Partition Function, AMS Special Session “Open and Accessible Problems for Undergraduate Research,” JMM 2018, San Diego, California, January 2018.
    • Lattice point visibility on generalized lines of sight, AMS Special Session “A Showcase of Number Theory at Liberal Arts Colleges,” JMM 2018, San Diego, California, January 2018.