Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Fat Burner That Works!

In the race to achieve effective health along with a waist line; on an average frequently we see the market flood with products of sort. Each product will make a unique claim. Some will base their theories on just about any fad they can think of without any viable study of sorts.

However, the reader needs to be warned to be cautious when searching the market for an effective weight loss solution and therefore do a proper market research before falling for an inevitable solution that may actually be a waste of your hard earned money.

Instead of allowing products to misguide you; we have a simple solution right here in the form of Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Extracts. Coffee Bean Extract is a relatively popular weight loss solution that was popularized by first appearing in the show hosted by Dr. Oz. In this particular show Dr. Oz did a little miniature experiment of his own to see how effective Green Coffee Bean Extracts is to an average person.

Dr. OZ Investigates Green Coffee Bean Extract

It must be understood that Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Extracts are actually unroasted coffee beans which when taken alongside your daily routine helps burn fat. It is the green coffee bean extracts that are prepared in the form of a coffee for the user. It must be understood that while this is prepared as coffee, Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Extracts in fact has 90% less caffeine than the average coffee.

Green coffee beans consist of an enzyme called chlorogenic acids which basically help metabolise and burn fat faster. The way it works is to increase the metabolise and at the same time stabolise the body’s sugar levels there fore expertly controlling the cravings that an obese person may suffer from.

Before the launch of Green Coffee Beans Extract as a weight loss solution a research was conducted on 16 individuals who were considered overweight whereby they were told to drink the Green Coffee Bean Extract 3 times a day without making any change to their daily eating routine for a period and duration of 12 weeks. By the end of the said duration the 16 adults lost almost 18 pounds which lead to the understanding and discovery to Green Coffee Beans having a natural ability to help in weight loss.

The Answer to Weight Loss

Green coffee bean extracts gained more popular attention when they were the topic of a popular tv show hosted by Dr. Oz, whereby he himself decided to further verify and test the reality of weight loss ability of Green Coffee Bean Extracts. The Dr. Oz’s Show chose at random a group of 100 women from 35 to 49, who were free of any medical ailment and were neither pregnant nor breast feeding.

These women were at random either given Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules or placebos where only Dr. Oz knew which was which. The ladies were instructed to intake the weight loss solution 3 times a day half an hour before the intake of a meal for a duration of two weeks.

AT the end of two weeks, women who were taking Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Extracts actually lost 2 pounds proving the effectiveness of this solution.

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