Video Tutorial with Zooming

Video Tutorial with NO Zooming

If you follow directions and focus, you can do this perfectly and create a beautiful piece of art. 

Burning & Outline Photoshop Text Effect

1. Open the attached blank background and create a title using black text. Make sure you center it and use a bold font such as aerial bold or IMPACT in size font 72-110. 

2. Create a new white layer beneath the text layer. Merge Burning text layer down (Ctrl + E) with the white layer you just made.

3. Apply a Gaussion blur with a Radius of 8

4. Go to filter > Stylize > Solarize the layer.

5. Now you will go to Image > Adjustments > Auto Levels

6. Duplicate (Ctrl+J) this layer and then go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates. Use Polar to Rectangular. This should be on top layer.

7. Rotate the Canvas by 90 degrees CW (Image > Adjustments > rotate) and Invert the layer using CTRL + i.

8. Go to Filter > Stylize > Wind From the Right 3 times. (Or do this once and then press Ctrl + F twice)

9. CTRL + i to Invert back to White

10. Image > Adjustments > Auto Levels

11. Go to filter > Stylize > Wind From the Right and do this a total of 2 times

12. Rotate the Canvas back to original state. 90 degrees CCW (Image > Adjustments > rotate)

13. Go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates. Use Rectangular to Polar.

14. Create a new layer - make sure it goes to the top of your layers. Fill layer with gradiant Color 1: #f97903 Color 2: #2f0d57 (or use the attached image with the eye dropper tool).

15. Change the blending mode of this layer to vivid light.

16. Change the blending mode of the layer with the wind burst effect to Screen.

17. Apply a Gaussian Blur of 2 pixels to this layer, and you have your burning outlined text!