Monday, April 10, 2018
Learning Objective: I can review my midterm exam and use this reference (along with my peers/teachers) to identify mistakes and resolve confusion so that I'll be prepared for the Algebra Regents on June 12th at 1pm.  

1. Review norms for school and computer lab
2. Self-analysis of midterm using this reference (for #1-8 of day 2 and all of 3) or this reference for day 1 and #9-15 of day 2 (video solutions)
3. Work through Part a of August 2016 regents by clicking here (12 questions)
4. Review "opportunities for learning" from Part 1 of August 2016 regents
Time permitting
Work through Part b of August 2016 regents by clicking here (12 questions)
6. Review "opportunities for learning" from Part 2 of August 2016 regents

At the NYC Lab School, we celebrate Photoshop everyday. Think about the way print media intoxicates innocent bystanders. The way it brings creativity and 21st Century Skills together into one perfect lesson. The way it balances other subjects with its warm, collaborative flavor, making them more than what they would have ever been on their own. Everything we learn, everything we design, everything we do to make you smile -- it's all related. 

And it all starts with Photoshop.