New Footage Captures Drone Crash Over Apple Park

It has been well over two decades since monthly drone updates are shared online covering the construction progress of Apple's next campus at California, known as Apple Park. Drone videographer Matthew Roberts posted his movie on YouTube, but instead of covering the updates to the campus, the video captured a drone which malfunctioned and crashed Apple Park over.

Roberts said the crashed drone's operator got in touch with him, asking for assistance in locating the downed drone on Apple's new campus and sharing with the footage from the wreck with Roberts. The drone which crashed is said to be among DJI's devices, so the owner was able to review a cached version of the movie on the DJI program. There weren't any symptoms of premature collapse, the owner explained, and it is still uncertain why the drone appeared.

Roberts finally discovered that the drone crashed among the solar panels on the roof of the main Apple Park building. The drone owner has contacted Apple and informed them of the episode, and Roberts said that it remains to be seenĀ  if Apple will return the drone back to its owner. In the video, it seems that the drone has remained mostly intact.

At the most recent monthly update of Apple Park shared by Roberts earlier in February, the new campus was explained as seeing increased activity from workers now that longer have moved in, with bicycles emerging during parking lots and on walkways. The maintenance center has also been completed, but Apple is still working at a massive area located between the main building and Steve Jobs Theater on landscaping. Some viral pics of apple drone footage is available on internet.

Apple's campus reveals a mysterious rainbow colored stage

A recently published video revealing aerial footage of Apple Park shows a rainbow-colored stage located in the middle of the company's spaceship campus.

The stage is set up in the center of Apple's ring-shaped campus beneath yellow, green, purple, pink, red, and blue arches, as shown in the video published by Duncan Sinfield. It is uncertain what the point is for, but based on the clearing in front of it and its place, there is a chance it may be set up for some type of concert for Apple employees.

Around this time last year, as an example, the company held a concert with a performance by Ziggy Marley in celebration of Earth Day. It is uncertain if the series has occurred In the event the stage was put to get a musical performance.

The vibrant setup has also been spotted in a couple of recent Instagram articles taken at Apple's campus.