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DroidSat is a satellite tracker for androids. Point your handset at the sky and see what
satellites are there - similar to google skymap.
It is  a GPL program based on Horst Meyerdierks' Sputnik program, and uses Dr. T.S. Kelso's Celestrak,
amsat.org's nasabare and Mike McCants' classified TLEs.

Screenshot of a handset pointing 24 degrees True North, 15 degrees up.
Handset was located at 49 N 122 W, with the Mike McCants' classfd satellite TLE loaded.

Tested on HTC Dev Phone 1 with Android 1.6 and Nexus 1 with Android 2.2

Version 2 includes new features such as display customization, trackball orientation and video backdrop.

Be warned - it drains the battery quite a bit.

Contact me at mkfDroidSat@gmail.com