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DevRev: Developer Revenue Analysis

Note: Requires Android 2.2 (Froyo)

An essential app for independent Android developers and small/medium publishers.  Integrates data from Android Market with Google Checkout to provide sales insight (see screenshots below).

  • Get notified of low-rated Market comments
  • Plot revenue across apps over time
  • Quantify how comments affect sales
  • Observe effect of app pricing on sales


Known Issues/Workarounds

This app is best suited for developers with less than ~100K app purchases, since caching data from Google Checkout may take a long time, depending on sales volume.  If synching a large batch of records, you may want to plug in and find wifi.  Caching the ~3K sales records used in the screen grabs below took about two and a half minutes.

Using the app entails:

  1. Specifying a date range to plot
  2. Letting the app download records from Google Checkout
  3. Consolidating (automatically or manually) different versions of the same app
  4. Viewing/sharing the plot

Only transactions marked as "Charged" (as opposed to "Cancelled" or other statuses) on Google Checkout are counted.

Another feature of the app allows you to specify a "rating" threshold for each app to be notified about.  If a user leaves a comment with a rating at or below the threshold, you will be alerted in the notification area.  You can then click the notification to read the latest comments.

Here's a direct market link if you're browsing on a phone.