Creating your own objects


Some prior knowledge may be required in some cases when the model you download is in another format or it is not designed in a specific format.
This is a basic overview of the steps required and programs that can be used to do them.

Programs required:
Blender [download page]

Objects can be downloaded from anywhere on the net (by searching for blender models). A good site to find blender objects is blendswap.
Or you can use blender to create your own however this process will only describe how to convert blender objects into a format readable by Hologram Livewallpaper.

Hologram Livewallpaper uses the Wavefront object format to draw objects.
To convert a blender object to a wave front object you simply need to export it as a wavefront file with specific settings. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the blender object file with blender
  2. You should have something resembling this:

  3. From the file menu go to Export and then select "Wavefront (.obj)"

  4. Ensure the following options are selected:

    1. All Scenes
    2. Rotate X90
    3. Triangulate

  5. Click export
  6. Copy the .obj file you just created to your devices sdcard/Android/data/droidbean.hologramlwp/ directory
  7. If there are any skins/UV textures you can save them from blender by opening a UV view and selecting the image menu then save image, this also goes to the same directory and must be named the same as the obj file (but with an image file extension, ie: .jpg, .png)

    *Some additional notes for advanced users:
    -Files cannot be too large or they will fail, try to keep them under 3MB
    -The data in the file can not be broken up into objects and must be listed in single groups as vertices, textures, faces
    -Normals are not required since the app will calculate these automatically
    -Larger files will take longer to load