Hologram Livewallpaper

2011.09.11 - Hologram Livewallpaper 2.1 now on the market

Changes include:
  • Added option to select custom backround image from gallery (try out some of our suggestions)
  • Added transparency option for object 
  • Addedd custom color option for object 
  • Added custom color option for background 
  • Reset settings to default option now available for object and background 
  • Correction for multi texture loading 
  • Reduced seekbar width to allow smaller screen phones to manage selections easier

2011.08.30 -
Hologram Livewallpaper 2.0.1 added to the market

Changes include:
  • Corrected typo
  • Bug fixes

2011.07.27 - Hologram Livewallpaper 2.0.0 now on the market

Changes include:
  • New object downloader: access it from wallpaper settings->objects->Download manager
  • New object loading progress
  • Improved lighting
  • Increased rotation depths to appear more realistic
  • Improved rotation speeds to be more realistic
  • Fixed honeycomb orientation axis
  • Improved home screen swiping performance
  • Small optimizations to graphic performance
  • Improved memory usage
  • New option to set how sensitive or smooth the scene rotation is
  • Added options for background lighting and object lighting brightness

2011.07.18 - Hologram Livewallpapwer New Objects

The following models are now available to download:
  • 3D Block2
  • Bonecos
  • Incredible
  • Luffy
  • Miku
  • Scorp
  • Target

- Hologram Livewallpaper 1.5 added to the market

Changes include:
  • Improved sensor/rotation calibration to achieve more realistic 3D effect
  • Completely recoded lighting and added brightness option
  • Corrected honeycomb and tablet orientation axis
  • Better tablet support

2011.07.02 - Hologram Livewallpaper 1.4.1 added to the market

Changes include:
  • Fix for older versions [Android 2.1]

2011.07.01 - Hologram Livewallpaper 1.4 added to the market

Changes include:
  • Better tablet support
  • Landscape orientation fixed for tablets and devices, all orientations supported
  • Rotation axis map correctly when using 90 and 270 degree orientation
  • Option to increase lighting on walls
  • Smoother home screen swiping
  • Added 2D wall texture

2011.06.17 - Hologram Livewallpaper

Comming soon:
  • In app object downloader
  • New objects
  • Lite version

2011.06.09 - Hologram Livewallpaper 1.3 added to the market

Changes include:
  • 8 new wall textures
  • Optimized performance
  • Reduced texture size for better performance
  • Reduced overall apk size

2011.06.05 - Hologram Livewallpaper Optimized skins that are available from the site

A few skins have been compressed and optimized for better performance. Changes can be tracked from the attachments page

2011.06.04 - Hologram Livewallpaper New Objects

The following models are now available to download:
  • 3dblock
  • Naruto
  • Target

2011.05.30 - Hologram Livewallpaper 1.21 added to the market

Changes include:
  • Bugfix relating to using texture 'none'

2011.05.17 - Hologram Livewallpaper 1.2 added to the market

Changes inlcude:
  • Added view rotation [use this if you view your screen sideways but not landscape mode]
  • Added landscape support [if your home screen is in landscape mode, the screen will be rotated]
  • Added support to apps2sd, you can now move the application to your sdcard [Froyo/2.2+]
  • Objects and skins can now be loaded from the SDCard
  • Added link to download additional object in settings

2011.05.01 - Hologram Livewallpaper 1.01 added to the market

Changes include:
  • Bug fixes
  • Added globe skin as sphere's default
  • Added 2 new models, dog and chihuahua

2011.04.30 - Hologram Livewallpaper 1.0 added to the market