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      02/Feb 2016 
                New website released, check it out at: http://wordscheat.comli.com

      02/Feb 2014 
                New updates to WordsCheat allowing you to move features around the screen. Also restricted Launch button to left side in order for                 tablets to be able to view their tiles. Previously the launch button would cover the tiles making it hard to read.      

      25/May 2013 
                Released new app on market, Four pics one word cheat. A cheat that provides the correct answer instantly for the game
                4 pics 1 word cheat.            

       25/Aug 2012
                update 28/08 - resolved, new update released.
                update 01/09 - wwf updated AGAIN! - new patch released for WordsCheat
            Looks like Zynga have released a new update that blocks WordsCheat from loading it properly. It seems to go to the 
             home screen instead of into the gameboard.
             We are currently working on the problem and believe a fix will be released shortly. thankyou for you patience.

         8/Aug 2012
               Update released for WordsCheat 5.33.

         29/Jul 2012
               Update released for WordsCheat 5.32.
               Issue with scoring has been resolved. Please grab the latest version from Google Play Store !

         10/Apr 2012

            New release: Scramble with Friends Cheat.


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  • Zynga have released a new Words With Friends update that has a new Framwork. (integrated facebook).
  • Because of this update, WordsCheat needs to be updated to Version: 3.3. which is now available on the market here.
UPDATE WordsCheat / HangingCheat Overlay - available on market
stays on-top even while playing. Click X to close, or WordsCheat to go back to app.
Grab it here!