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DroidAlone - Your missed calls on your email

It's late. The alarm clock rang and you ignored it. Then you wake up and go to work in hurry, and you just realize that you forgot your phone at home.
And you have a lot of important calls to receive. And you live on the other side of the town and coming back home is not an option. 

                                                 Wouldn't it be cool to have a way to check all your missed calls?

  Forgetting your phone at home is not a
  problem anymore!


    With droidalone you can remotely access to every feature of your phone you                            for just 2.49 eur. 30 days refund
    need, without having to go back home. Even in the unfortunate case your 
    phone is lost.

  • Missed call and sms notification by email
  • Automatic Text Message Auto Response
  • Remote contact number lookup
  • Phone location retreival
  • Remote configuration via sms
  • Password protected commands

Every single feature can be disabled, enabled or modified remotely by sending commands through sms. 
A password in command sms protects you from malicious people commands. 

Every event handled by 
DroidAlone is logged in the application interface.

Go on and check DroidAlone features.
Check how it's simple to remotely enable email notification.