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Computer Supported Collaborative Instruction: SITE, Austin 3/12

New collaborative web-based document technology provides the opportunity to instantly collect and analyze large sets of data from multiple students, groups and class sections with speed and accuracy. Teachers can learn to use tools like Google Docs & Sites to turn traditional classroom activities into student-centered inquiry and discussion.  Computer Supported Collaborative Instruction (CSCI) helps teachers create a classroom environment that mirrors the collaborative environment of a professional learning community.  Teachers will create classroom activities in which students analyze whole-class data using wikis and collaborative spreadsheets, and work with peers to reach consensus and produce collaborative reports on their conclusions.  These activities help students gain an understanding that the learning enterprise requires collaboration, independent verification, and peer review. In this workshop, participants are introduced to a range of collaborative web-based activities in which they collect and analyze data submitted by their colleagues, and will develop activities that can be used in a variety of disciplines.

Computer Supported Collaborative Sciencee

Collaborative Investigations

Collaborative Presentations 

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Collaborative Drawings 

Collaborative Documents 

Collaborative Spreadhseets 

Collaborative Maps with Photos 

Collaborative Photo Albums

Collaborative Websites (Wikis)