Time Lapse Photography

  • Download an App for your phone that does time lapse photography
  • Record a time lapse event. Set the frame rate so that the final product is one minute or less. Note, for longer sequences you will need to make certain your phone is powered externally.
  • Email the timelapse video to this address: Upload you time lapse to the shared Dropbox folder.

Sample Videos (Dr. Herr)

Shorter Topics
  • Food dye moving up int a white carnation
  • Freeze an ice cube with food coloring and melt it in a glass of water
  • Evaporation of a glass of water under a heat lamp
  • Water coming to boil in a glass container
  • Bread rising
  • Snail on sidewalk or in aquarium
  • Cloud formation and movement
  • Sunset / Sunrise
  • Traffic on a freeway (viewed from a pedestrian overpass)
  • Ants devouring a cookie
  • ice formation
  • Diffusion of food coloring in water at different temperatures
  • Paper chromatography
  • Dew condensing & evaporating
Longer Topics
  • Germination
  • Flower formation
  • Root growth in germinating plant
  • Caterpillars pupating.
  • Tadpoles turning into frogs.
  • Decomposition of fruit
  • Fungal growth
  • Ant farm - ants creating tunnels
  • Movement of shadow and lighting on a tree throughout the day
  • Weed germination after a rain
  • Movement of the stars at night
  • Incoming our outgoing tide
  • heliotropism in sunflower or lupine
  • sugar crystal formation in supersaturated sugar solution
  • nails rusting when kept in humid conditions after exposure to salt water