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Work in progress:

  1. Several works on multi-omics platform in environmental research (in vivo) (manuscript preparation).
  2. A piece of work about finding markedly potential biomarkers for pancreatic cancer early diagnosis (in submission) (Co-First author).
  3. Several works on ginseng research (a national project, manuscript preparation).
  4. Two projects applying multi-omics approach in investigating the metabolic alterations of cancer and nervous diseases (in submission) (Co-authors).
    1. Breat cancer manuscript is in revision.

Official publications:

  1. Long NP, Park S, Anh NH, Nghi TD, Yoon SJ, Park JH, Lim J, Kwon SW. High-Throughput Omics and Statistical Learning Integration for the Discovery and Validation of Novel Diagnostic Signatures in Colorectal Cancer. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2019 Jan (First author).
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  1. Geographical origin determination of white rice using X-ray fluorescence and multivariate analysis (Patent in Korea, 2017 Nov 28).

Scientific conferences:

  1. Poster presentation at the 12th International Symposium on Ginseng, Korea (2018).
  2. Flash oral presentation and poster presentation at the 6th Winter Symposium of the Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis for the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea, Korea (2018).
  3. Flash oral presentation and poster presentation at HPLC 2017 international conference at Jeju island, Korea (2017).
  4. Oral presentation and poster presentation at the second Asia conference on pharmaceutical sciences (AsiaPharm II) at Seoul, Korea (2017).
  5. Poster presentation at Korean Society of Ginseng annual conference at Seoul, Korea (2017).
  6. Poster presentation at the first Asia conference on pharmaceutical sciences (AsiaPharm I) at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam (2016).