Community Projects

Doc Sach Y Sinh – Creator and Administrator

A book-oriented website that aims to provide a trusted reference of Molecular Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Physiology for Vietnamese medical students.

Biomedera Education – Creator and Administrator

Biomedera Education is a Youtube’s channel providing videos of various subjects relating to biomedicine, statistics and languages.


The Vietnam Student development Fund (VNSDF) has been created in 2009 to support good students coming from poor families in VN. The VNSDF provides these good students chosen after a competitive application and interview process with a scholarship that pays their tuition fees throughout the whole university study. The VNSDF will also offer a training program to these students.

Anh Van Y khoa – Creator and Administrator (Not available since 2017)

In order to improve the Medical English Standard for Vietnamese Medical Students, Anh Van Y Khoa provides rules, tips, and examples of many medical related subjects for students to learn and practice.

VUI HOC TIENG PHAP – FRENCH LEARNING FOR ANDROID PHONE (Vietnamese) – Developer (Not available since 2017)

Vui hoc tieng Phap is a small-free French learning software which was built for Android phones.