With professor Sir J. Fraser Stoddart

He shared The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016.

It was my honor to meet and listen to his lecture with regard to his scientific journey (7 Nov 2017).

On top of Jirisan

This is the second most highest mountain of South Korea. The journey was tough but I made it! (9 July 2016)

My PhD journey started!

Monday, 29 Feb 2016, was the first day I came to my lab at Seoul National University for an integrative master & PhD course.

Supervisor: Dr. Sung Won Kwon

Wish me luck!

With professor Harvey F. Lodish

Founding Member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Lead author of the textbook Molecular Cell Biology.

It was my honor to had a quick conversation with him. He advised and encouraged me to go further on my scientific journey as soon as possible (25 May 2015).

My first MOOC course (admin and content director)

Dr. Phung Trung Hung and our team made the first Vietnamese version ever of MOOC in Pharmacology (19 September 2013). This is how Biomedera was born. You may find our channel and videos on Youtube!

Cover of the book I helped edited

Under the supervision of Dr. Phung Trung Hung (my beloved mentor), our team tried hard to find, edit, and translate important contents of molecular biology of the cell for Vietnamese students. We aimed to give them the very first insights into this exciting field. The project started late 2010 and stopped updating at the end of 2013.

1st Physiology Olympiad contest

I completed my presentation about "receptor - structure and function". It later turned out that we won the first prize of this contest. Great feeling!

16 June 2011