Dr. Mudball's Laboratory

Mine Experiments

Rise of the Bustrons

Rise of the Bustrons is a game where you have to fill the screen using your Quark Filler(tm). While you are growing your Quark Ball, you must avoid the Bustrons or your Quark Ball will explode, releasing a large amount of energy, and costing you a life. The area you must fill decreases with each consecutive level, but the number of Bustrons increases. Each level is timed, the faster you complete it, the higher your bonus will be.


The Story: 

While performing some research on Quantum Physics I recently stumbled upon an amazing discovery, an entirely new class of sub-atomic quantum particles!

These particles have the incredible ability to produce large quantities of energy if exposed to the energized quarks my Quark Filler (tm) produces. I've devised a way to harness this awesome power using my Quark Filler (tm), an electron microscope, a magnetic field and a lot of duct tape.

About Me

Born 1947 in Detroit, Michigan to Herman and Melva Mudball, mine was a hard life. Growing up on the streets of Detroit I was destined to be nothing more than a street physicist selling ions to whoever would buy. Mine life changed when in 1957 I met Albert Einstein who inspired me to go to college, grow mine hair out and speak with a funny German accent.

In college I discovered Quantum Physics and the vorld has never been the same. Building upon the theories of mine mentor Albert Einstein and numerous other figures in science I have dedicated mine life to the improvement of mankind through Quantum Physics!

Now I live in Fort Scott, Kansas and teach Quantum Physics at the prestigous Fort Scott Community College and Bakery. I have not married and I live alone with mine iguana Lachie.