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There are many ways to contribute your time to the Desert Ridge Community. Your children and your children's teachers will benefit greatly from your involvement, and you will too. Below is a list of volunteering opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, please browse through the volunteer jobs by hovering over the titles to view descriptions of what they involve.

All volunteers in the school during school hours or during after-hour activities where students may be present have to obtain an APS background check prior to volunteering. This need only be done once every two years in the APS system and can be done online - the cost is $12.00.

Please check out our  APS Volunteer Info Page to get step-by-step instructions for filling out the on-line background check application.  To fill out an application, please visit the APS website at www.aps.edu

Volunteer Job

Volunteer Calendars, Documents, etc.*
 Suzi Hudgins    jhudgens10@comcast.net
 Deanna Paglia    dpaglia39@gmail.com  
 Dona Harris    dmzharris@gmail.com Library Volunteer Calendar 
 Leah Rice    rice61999@gmail.com Lunch Monitor Schedule 
 Lisa Davis & Lisa McCall    lisa2drmsstore@gmail.com   School Store Calendar 

*Please Note:  Some of these links may require  a login to view.  
If you feel you need to view or want access to a file, please 
email the person under the "Contact" column with your request.