Min Chen, BSc, PhD, FBCS, FEG, FLSW

Professor of Scientific Visualization, OeRC, University of Oxford

Talks and Presentations

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Keynotes and Seminars

What is Visualization Really for? RIVIC Graduate School, Bangor, June 2013. (50min). Slides, Notes.

Other talks on this topic: IEA Visualization Day, Oxford, (Mar. 2017 50min), Harefield Heart Science Centre (Jan. 2014, 50min), UiTM, Malaysia (Sept. 2013, 60min), ITRC Workshop, Oxford (May 2013, 15min), University of Maryland (April 2013, 50min); St Annes College, Oxford (Feb. 2013, 50min); University of Utah (Oct. 2012, 50min); DH Briefing, Oxford (May 2012, 25min); Space Workshop, Harwell (Jan. 2011, 15min).

Four Levels of Visualization, Chicago University, October 2014. (50min). Slides.
Four Levels of Visualization (with Cost-Benefit Analysis). BioVis 2015, Dublin, July 2015. (40 min) Slides, Notes.
Four Levels of Visualization in Digital Humanties (with connections to cognitive sciences). Visualizing Digital Humanities at Lorentz Center,, Leiden, June 2017. (50 min) Slides.
Four Levels of Visualization, ChinaVis, July 2018. (50min). Slides.

Other talks on this topic: Visualizing Digital Humanities, Leiden, The Netherlands (Jun. 2017 45min), Konstanz DBVIS 2017, Seminarhotel Bühlerhof (Apr. 2017, 50min), IEA Visualization Day, Oxford, (Mar. 2017 50min), Newcastle University (May 2015, 50min), COST Action IS1310 WG6, Oxford (March 2015, 15min), Oxford Development Biology Symposium (Dec. 2014, 20min), Satellite Applications Catapult Workshop (April 2014, 15min), Oxford MAN Institute (May 2014, 30min), Digital Panopticon Meeting, All Souls College (April 2014, 30min).

Cost-benefit Analysis of Data Intelligence, MIT, October 2015. (40min). Slides, Notes, Short Video.

Other talks on this topic: Patent Documentation Group, GSK, Stevenage, UK (Jan. 2018, 50 min), Oxford Joint Computational/Mathematical Biology Seminar Series, (May 2017, 40min), Konstanz DBVIS 2017, Seminarhotel Bühlerhof (Apr. 2017, 50min), American University, DC (Nov. 2015, 45min), Purdue University (Oct. 2015, 40min).

The Value of Interaction in Data Intelligence, HCI 2018, Belfast, Northern Ireland, July 2018. (45min). Slides
Building a Theoretical Foundation for Visual Analytics, EuroVA 2016, Groningen, the Netherlands, 7 June 2016. (40min). Slides.

Other talks on this topic: IDEA 2018 (a KDD workshop), London, UK (August. 2018, 50min).

Discovering Treasure Troves in Digital Humanities, Workshop on Visualization for Digital Humanities, , Baltimore, MD, USA, 24 October 2016. (45min). Slides.
Myths and Promises of Data Intelligence, Kings College London, 19 February 2019. (50min). Slides.

Other talks on this topic: Technical University Denmark (Jan. 2019, 50min), Leeds University (Mar. 2018, 50min), Cyberworlds 2017 (Sep. 2017, 50 min), American University (Oct. 2014, 75min), ALTIUS Conference, Balliol College, Oxford (Aug. 2014, 20min)

Information Theory in Visual Analytics, CREST Open Workshop, UCL, London, 28 April 2015. (20min). Slides, Video.

Other talks on this topic: VINCI 2018, Växjö, Sweden (August. 2018, 50min).
Research Methods: from the Perspectives of Supervisors and Research Students, UiTM, Malaysia, Sept. 2013. (90min) Slides.

Paper Presentations

Glyph Visualization: A Fail-Safe Design Scheme Based on Quasi-Hamming Distances, IEEE VIS CG&A Session, October 2017. (20min). Slides.

The slides also include extra information that is not in the paper, i.e., the stimuli used in an empirical study for user-centric estimation.

An Empirical Study on the Reliability of Perceiving Correlation Indices using Scatterplots, EuroVis, June 2017. (20min) Slides
Empirically Measuring Soft Knowledge in Visualization, EuroVis, June 2017. (20min) Slides
What may Visualization Processes Optimize? IEEE VAST, October 2016. (15min). Slides.

Other talks on this topic: See also talks on Four levels of Visualization, and Cost-benefit Analysis of Data Intelligence.

Visual Multiplexing, EuroVis, June 2014. (25min) Slides.
An Information-theoretic Framework for Visualization, VisWeek, October 2010. (18min) Slides, Fast Forward Slides.

Other talks on this topic: OASIS, Oxford (Nov. 2012, 50min); Swansea (March 2011, 50min), Salt Lake City (Oct. 2010, 40min); Purdue University (May 2010, 50min).

Panellist Presentations

The Space of Machine Learning, IEEE VIS, October 2017. (8min) Slides, Statement (407K).
Evaluation: How Much Evaluation is Enough? Less and More, IEEE VIS, October 2013. (8min) Slides, Statement (74K).

Other Talks without Slides

Introduction to Visualization, Systems Biology DTC, Oxford, October 2011 (60min)

Other talks on this topic

Why Does Visual Analytics Work. and What is the Underlying Theory? Workshop on Visualization in Complex Environments, Torino, November 2011. (20 min)

Other talks on this topic: OCCAM, Oxford (Nov. 2011, 50min); Workshop on Information security as a Resource, Oxford (Oct. 2011, 25min).

Visualization in Flatland, Digital Humanities Summer School, Oxford, July 2011. (50min).

Other talks on this topic: Microsoft Workshop Cambridge (Apr. 2012, 15min); OeRC, Oxford (July 2010, 50min); TPCG2009, Cardiff (June 2009, 50min); WSCG2009, Plzen (Feb. 2009, 50min).

Time-series Visualization: Beyond Line Plots, Oxford MAN Institute (May 2012, 50min)
Interdisciplinary Research: Hazards and Rewards, UiTM, Malaysia (Sept. 2013, 100min)
Data Deluge: Challenges and Opportunities,  UiTM, Malaysia (Sept. 2013, 90min)
Had Bell Invented Visualization, ..., Oxford Internet Institute, February 2014. (50min)

Other talks on this topic: NERC Visualization Workshop, Silwood Park (Nov. 2013, 15min)

Building a Centre of Excellence in Research, UiTM, Malaysia (Sept. 2013, 60min)
Data Analysis and Visualization, UiTM, Malaysia (Sept. 2013, full-day seminar)

Other talks on this topic: Influential Analysis, London (Oct. 2013, 120min).

Volume Graphics and Visualization, UiTM, Malaysia (Sept. 2013, full-day seminar)
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