Min Chen, BSc, PhD, FBCS, FEG, FLSW

Professor of Scientific Visualization, University of Oxford

Email: MC-email-240

Telephone:    +44(0)1865 610633
Postal address:   Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC), Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, 7 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QG, UK
Maps: Walking from the train/bus stations to OeRC, and Parking near OeRC

College: Pembroke (Fellow)

Main Research Interests:

  • Visual Analytics, Visualization and Computer Graphics (1987-present);
  • Video Processing and Visualization (2003-present);
  • Aspects of Image Analysis and Computer Vision (2003-present);
  • Interactive Techniques and Multimedia Communications (1996-present);
  • Computer-Aided Engineering (1984-1992).

Teaching Experience:

  • Visual Analytics (Oxford, 2013-2016)
  • Computer Graphics II, Computer Graphics Laboratory, Volume Graphics, State of the Art in Visual Computing, Operating Systems, Data Communications and Computer Networks, Computer Graphics Algorithms, Introduction to Algorithms (Swansea, 1991-2011)

Major Professional Services:

Example Talks (see also)

Four Levels of Visualization BioVis 2015, Dublin, July 2015. (40min) Slides, Notes.
What is Visualization Really for? RIVIC Graduate School, Bangor, June 2013. (50min) Slides, Notes.
Myths and Promises of Data Intelligence, ALTIUS Conference, Balliol College, Oxford, August 2014. (20min) Slides.

Example Publications (see also)

M. Chen, M. Feixas, I. Viola, A. Bardera, H.-W. Shen, M. Sbert. Information Theory Tools for Visualization. A K Peters/CRC Press, 2016. ISBN: 9781498740937 - CAT# K26715. Also available at Amazon.
M. Chen and A. Golan, What may visualization processes optimize?, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 22(12):2619-2632, 2016. DOI, Slides. Short Videos: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Data Intelligence, Can Information Theory Explain Concepts in Cognitive Science?
M. Chen, S. Walton, K. Berger, J. Thiyagalingam, B. Duffy, H. Fang, C. Holloway, and A. E. Trefethen, Visual multiplexing, Computer Graphics Forum, 33(3):241-250, 2014. DOI, EuroVis 2014 Slides.
M. Chen and H. Jaenicke, An information-theoretic framework for visualization, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 16(6):1206-1215, 2010. DOI, VisWeek 2010 Slides, Fast Forward Slides.
M. Chen, D. Ebert, H. Hagen, R. S. Laramee, R. van Liere, K.-L. Ma, W. Ribarsky, G. Scheuermann and D. Silver, Data, information and knowledge in visualization, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 29(1):12-19, 2009. DOI, Download PDF(0.2M)