The Graphics Replicability Stamp

The Graphics Replicability Stamp is an initiative organised by an independent group of volunteers who wish to help the computer graphics community by enabling the sharing of code and data as a community resource for non-commercial use. CGF endorses this initiative and encourages its authors to participate if their work is appropriate for data and code sharing. Indeed one of the CGF-associated conferences, Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP) 2016, is the first graphics publication venue that took part in this initiative. Further information about this initiative can be found at

CGF Papers with the Graphics Replicability Stamp

How to Enter a CGF Paper for this Award?

When a paper is accepted for publication by CGF, the authors of the paper will be informed about the Graphics Replicability Stamp through the notification letter. Authors will be directed to this page as well as to a generic application form at If the paper was directly submitted to CGF, please use the CGF paper ID, such as, "CGF-18-OA-201.R2". If the paper was submitted to a CGF associated conference, please use the paper ID of that conference. Please consult the Replicability Stamp web site for details about the requirements for code submission. In addition to some meta-information about the paper, authors will be asked to indicate a link to a public Git repository with the source code and instructions on how to compile and replicate the results. The code should compile on a vanilla installation of one of the major operating systems (Linux, MacOSX, or Windows), have a license that allows non-commercial usage, and depend only on libraries that are free for academic or research purposes. The code quality will not be evaluated, but it should reproduce the data used to generate every resulting figure shown in the paper.

The Award organiser may contact CGF or the partner conference concerned for further details. When the decision is made by the Graphics Replicability Stamp team, the team will inform the authors as well as CGF about the award. CGF will include all awardee papers on this web page.