Creative writing

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The Guardian's Poetry Workshop hosts a different poet every month. The poet sets an exercise then chooses the most interesting responses and offers an appraisal of them.

Storying Sheffield is a narrative, art, and community project hosted and run by the School of English at the University of Sheffield. Undergraduates and people from socially excluded groups work together to produce stories about the ‘life’ of Sheffield.

Back in 2003, the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) commissioned case studies from students about their experiences of studying creative writing at university. These web pages bring their stories up to date with news of what they’ve been doing since they graduated. Packed with practical advice, these frank accounts about life after graduation make essential reading for both prospective and current creative writing students.

The aim of the Moving Manchester: Mediating Marginalities project at Lancaster University is to investigate how the experience of migration has influenced creative writing in Manchester since 1960. The site contains an electronic catalogue of local creative writing since 1960 and a writer's gallery.