Colloquia, workshops, and professional papers had been presented at the instituions and meetings below:



Arizona State University
Boston College
Bowling Green State University
California Institute of Integral Studies
Center for Cognitive Psychotherapy (Rome)
Center for Cognitive Psychotherapy (Stockholm)
Center for Cognitive Therapy (Philadelphia)
Colorado State University
Consejo Consultivo de Ciencias (Mexico, D.F.)
The Devereaux Foundation
Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute
Esalen Institute
Fetzer Institute
Fielding Institute
Freie Universitat (Berlin)
George Washington University
Immaculata College
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy
Institute for Post-Rationalist Psychology and Psychotherapy (Rome)
Kent State University
Kirkland College
Loyola University of Chicago
Memphis State University
National University of Mexico (Mexico City)
New York University
Northwestern University
Nova University
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology
Princeton University
Purdue University
Queen's University
Rutgers University
Sheppard Pratt Hospital
Simon Fraser University
Southern Illinois University
Southern Methodist University
Stanford Medical School
Stanford University
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Swarthmore College
Tel-Aviv University
Texas Tech University
U.S. Olympic Training Center (Colorado Springs)
Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia)
University of Argentina
University of Arizona
University of Barcelona (Spain)
University of British Columbia
University of Cagliari (Italy)
Universidad Catolica de Santiago (Chile)
Universidad de Granada (Spain)
University of Chicago
University of Coimbra (Portugal)
University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
University of Florence (Italy)
University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
University of Helsinki (Finland)
University of Indiana
University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain)
University of Lisbon
University of Maine
University of Massachusetts
University of Minho (Portugal)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
University of Notre Dame
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania
University of Rome (Italy)
University of San Antonio
University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
University of Siena (Italy)
University of Southern California
University of Texas at Arlington
University of Texas at Dallas
University of Texas Health Science Center
University of Valencia (Spain)
University of Victoria
University of Washington
University of Waterloo (Ontario)
University of Western Ontario
University of Wisconsin
University of Wollongong
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Waseda University (Tokyo)
Wellesley College
West Point Military Academy
West Virginia University
York University



  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (1986, 1988, 1989)
  • American Heart Association (1973, 1974, 1977)
  • American Psychological Association (1973, 1975, 1976, 1981, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000)
  • Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy (1971, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995)
  • Asociación Española de Psicología Conductual (1997)
  • Association Scientifique pour la Modification du Comportement (Quebec, 1976, 1982)
  • Austrian Association for Behaviour Therapy (1996)
  • Brief Therapies (San Francisco, 1996)
  • British Columbia Psychological Association (1983)
  • California Psychological Association (1997, 1998)
  • Cape Cod Institute (1991)
  • Cognitive Psychotherapy: Toward A New Millenium (Catania, Sicily, 2000)
  • Conference on Humanistic Applications of Behavior Modification (1976, 1977, 1978)
  • Conference on Psychology of Science (Memphis, 1986)
  • Constructivism in Psychotherapy (Memphis, TN USA,1990; Braga, Portugal, 1991; Barcelona, Spain, 1992; Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994; Siena, Italy, 1998, Geneva, Switzerland, 2000; Bari, Italy, 2003)
  • Dynamic Systems in Cognitive Science (Switzerland, 2000)
  • Ethology and Knowledge (International Congress, Siena, Italy 1993)
  • European Association for Behaviour Therapy (Rome, Italy,1982; Brussels, Belgium,1984, Coimbra, Portugal, 1992)
  • European Association for Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy (Corfu, Greece, 1994, Venice, Italy, 1997, Cork, Ireland, 1998, Granada, Spain, 2000)
  • European Congress of Psychology (Tampere, Finland, 1993)
  • European Congress of Psychology (Athens, Greece, 1995)
  • Fetzer Institute Spiritual Intelligence Conference (1997, 1998, 2000)
  • First European Summer School in Cognitive Therapy (Lisbon, 1988)
  • Fourteenth Banff International Conference on Behavior Sciences (1982)
  • Frontiers in Consciousness Research (Esalen Institute, 1996)
  • Houston Symposium V:  Clinical Research, Public Policy and Practice (1982)
  • Institute for Psychosocial Study:  Convergence of Psychoanalytic and Behavioral Therapy (1982)
  • Integral Institute: Psychology (Boulder, Colorado, 2000)
  • Inter-American Conference on Behavior Modification in the Community (Winnipeg, 1976)
  • International Congress for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Berlin, 1980)
  • International Congress of Behavior Therapy (Uppsala, Sweden, 1977)
  • International Congress of Individual Psychology (Vienna, 1982)
  • International Congress of Psychology and Socialization Processes (Alicante, Spain, 1981)
  • International Congress on Restricted Environmental Stimulation Techniques (1985, 1987)
  • Italian Society of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy (Sicily, 1988)
  • Midwest Association of Behavior Analysis (1977)
  • National Conference on Ethical Issues in Behavior Modification (1976)
  • North American Personal Construct Network (1990, 1997, 1998)
  • North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (1978)
  • Old Saybrook II Conference (Humanistic Psychology, Georgia, 2000)
  • Portuguese Psychologists Association (Lisbon, 1989)
  • Rocky Mountain Conference on Behavior Modification (1973, 1974)
  • Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (1985, 1987, 1994, 1996, 1997)
  • Southern California Behavior Modification Conference (1976)
  • Sports Medicine Applications in World Cup Soccer (Rome, 1990)
  • Temple Conference on Behavior Therapy (1976, 1977)
  • Texas Psychological Association (1990, 1992, 1997)
  • Transformative Practices (Esalen Institute, 1999, 2000)
  • Transnational Network for the Study of Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being (Amsterdam, 2000; Sidney, 2002)
  • U.S. Olympic Committee Conference on Sport Psychology (1983)
  • World Congress of Cognitive Therapy (Toronto, 1992)
  • World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (Copenhagen, 1995)