Michael Mahoney and his students and at University of British Columbia, Canada (2003, July) Note: The above dog named Baby was not his student but teacher of relaxation.


 Baby sitting in Michael's backyard, Denton, Texas (2001, October)


Liao Pin-ting, Michael Mahoney, Fusako Koshikawa, and Newt Trail at Sweet Water in Denton, Texas (2004, April)


Pete Gunter was awarded the Honored Contributor of Society for Constructivism in the Human Sciences at Greenhouse, Denton, TX(2005, May)


A Closing Lecture at the International Congress of Cognitive Psychotherapy in confluence with the World Congress of Constructivism, Goteborg, Sweden (2005, June)


 Marie Hoskins, Mary Gergen, Ken Gergen, Michael Mahoney, and Genji Sugamura at Goteborg Airport, Sweden (2005, June)


 Michael Mahoney and Andre Marquis in Mt. Hope Cemetery, in Rochester, New York (2005, December)


 Michael Mahoney and Baby in his bag (kite in his hand), Rhode Island


Andre Marquis and Michael Mahoney, Rhode Island


Michael was trying to fly this "ship" kite, Rhode Island


Michael Mahoney and Andre Marquis in Mirror Time at Salve Regina University, New Port, Rhode Island (2006, April)


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