home inspection career in nys

A NYS Career Starts with Licensing Courses-  Don't settle!!!!  Attending Bill Merrell's Classes is a positive experience

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We cannot guarantee you success in any field!  Every new field has it's pro's and con's!

I would state that the Career Oriented, Motivated Student who is willing to market themselves to potential clients are the one's that seem to do well in this business.

You will market your skills to buyers, sellers, insurance firms, contractors and even local governments.  You may find yourself speaking with realtors, attorneys, appraisers and title firms to let them know you are actively inspecting and want them to let their buyers and sellers know you exist!

Making a name for yourself takes time, energy and money. I believe the rewards are worth it. For example, many in this business know the name Merrell Institute. This did not just happen. It took time, energy and money to brand the name of our school and our umbrella company.

Don't expect to get your license and receive work...just because you are licensed.  Licensing establishes minimum standards. You should strive for more than the bare minimum.

We take time showing you, in a positive way each of the major components set forth by the licensing law. We also include in our class a viable software program, to let you get started right away. Why take classes that just get you through an exam. We teach you the entire outline in detail. We are proud of our instructors, our capable staff and our facilities.

We have 5 corporate style classrooms, a courtyard for breaks, convenience stations for refreshments, as well as Audio Visual Equipment used throughout the program. Example would be power point presentations and even videos during breaks and lunch for those looking for more information.

Attendance is mandatory. We do not violate any provision of NYS guidelines. 90% attendance required per 25 hour module in order to take the final for that module. You also must pass that module with 70% or greater to receive your certificate.

The state requires Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 or it's equiv. to be permitted to apply for licensure to NYS.

You must apply for and obtain general liability insurance to become licensed in NYS

You must also take and pass the NYS Licensing exam offered multiple times throughout the year at most NYS office buildings and other designated locations.

If you really want to become a Licensed Home Inspector, give us a call and enroll in our program today!