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 Photos of some events

 A cheerful moment. I have garlanded Prof. Ashraf as he took over the charge as the new Principal of DDC. In returned he garlanded me.


 My teacher, Prof. AHS Rahman receiving crest from the then 

President of Bangladesh.

 My teacher, Prof. Syed Monzurul Huque receiving crest from the then 

President of Bangladesh.

 At an official dinner of Bangladesh Dental Society.

With my beloved teacher, Prof. AHS Rahman at a seminar.

 With my friend Prof. Ashraf Hussain at a seminar.


At an Academic Council Meeting of DDCD.

 At the Departmental Meeting (Orthodontic Department, DDCH)

 Farewell accorded by Dhaka Dental College. The then Principal, Prof. Mozammel Hossain presenting the crest and gifts (2000).

 Farewell on my retirement (2000) accorded by Dhaka Dental College.

 Farewell accorded by Students Union of Dhaka Dental College.

Farewell accorded by the Teachers' Association of Dhaka Dental College at Hotel Sonargaon, Dhaka.

Bouquet presented by Dr. Pinu at the farewell ceremony of Dhaka Dental College Teachers' Association..

Retirement  Gifts, Crests, Models etc. are  being shown  to my Mother and other members of the family.

An award giving ceremony at the City Dental College.

At the seminar of Bangladesh Dental Health Research Foundation.