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Abba (Our Father, Late M. Abdus Salam)

 Amma (Our Mother, Mosammat Nurjahan Begum)

Founder and Chief Adviser, Nurjahan-Salam Foundation

 Amma & my brothers and sisters

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 Our village Home


Our new home Mosque. 2009-2010 and Eidgah

Fuljhury Zubak Samity (Fuljhury Youngs' Association Building) 

Kachari Ghar and Eidgah

Primary School

Main Pond of our Home (Bara pukur ghat)

Our village home Building, built by our Grand-father 

about 100 years ago.

Our newly constructed house. Reconstructed in place of the above old house. Works completed in June 2010.

 My Kakku- Late, Mr. Abdul Barek Fakir

 Dudu (Uncle)- Late, Mr. Motleb Fakir

 Chotto Bhai - Mr. Noor Hossain Fakir.

 Mia Bhai- Mr. Abdul Haque Fakir.

 Bhaijan- Late, Mr. Nanna Fakir.

Majnu Master and Late Mashu Bhai

Noor Hossain Bhai's House

Majnu Master & others in home.