My Photos

Born in Mithakhali, Mathbaria, Dist-Pirojpur (Barisal) on Friday the 18th September, 1942


Student 0f Class-VI, at Jhalakati, 1954

 With some Classmates, at Pirojpur Govt. School in1959.

Motor Launch constructed by me with hard paper.

Year 1959


Some pictures during my intermediate class.

As newly qualified young doctor.

 During our marriage in 1970 with my wife's friends.

In London at Emfield Road House, Balham in 1971

London, 1971 

 In London at Emfield Road House, 1971

After return from London.1976

 During Marry's Marrage

At a seminar on Oral Health at Dhaka Dental College

 On my 50th Birthday with Amma (Mother) 1992

 Year- 1993?



 Year 2006

 Year 2008


At Saint Martin beach. Dec 2009

Pokhara, Nepal Dec 2011