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My Books

Dental Books: 

1.  Essentials of Orthodontics For Dental Students.

2. Notes on Development and Growth of Human Face, Jaws and Associated Structures.

3. ''Mukh O Danter Sadharan Rog,- Pratikar O Protirodh'' (Common Oral & Dental Diseases, Prevention and Treatment).


4. ''Prosna Uttare - Mukh O Danter Jatna'' (Oral & Dental Care -Question and Answer)



Religious Books:/


®L¡lA¡e J q¡¢c­pl A¡­m¡­L - ®eL A¡jm ( Quran O Hadiser Aloke- Nek Amal)


A¡j¡l Dj¡e A¡j¡l ®c¡u¡ (Amar Eman Amar Doa)


A¡j¡l e¡j¡S A¡j¡l ®c¡u¡ (Amar Namaz Amar Doa)


A¡j¡l ­l¡S¡ A¡j¡l ®c¡u¡ (Amar Roja Amar Doa)


A¡j¡l qSÅ A¡j¡l ®c¡u¡ (Amar Hajj Amar Doa)


A¡j¡l k¡L¡a A¡j¡l ®c¡u¡ (Amar Zakat Amar Doa)


A¡j¡l A¡õ¡qÚ A¡j¡l eh£ (Amar Allah Amar Nabi)


A¡¢j ®ke ®eL f­b Q¢m (Ami zeno Nek Pathe Chali)


A¡õ¡ql pÈlZ J ®n¡Ll (Allah-r sharan Sharan)


®L¡lA¡e f¢s ®L¡lA¡e j¡¢e (Quran Pari-Quran Mani)



p¤æ­al Ae¤plZ he¡j ¢LR¤ A¢euj (Sunnater Anusharan banam Kichu Oniam)


A¡¢j ¢S¢LlL¡l£ q­h¡, A¡¢j ®n¡LlL¡l£ q­h¡ (Ami Zikir kari hobo, Ami Shokorkari Hobo)


Kasida Books: 

Amar Kasidas.


®L¡eÚ ¢eu¡ja LlÚh Aü£L¡l (Kasida)


p¡õ¡õ¡ý A¡m¡ j¤q¡Çjc (p¡x) (Kasida)


j¡g Ll A¡õ¡qÚ, A¡õ¡ý - A¡õ¡qÚ (Kasida)


cl¦c, ¢S¢Ll aJh¡ j¤­M - ilp¡ ®k rj¡l (Kasida)

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 Books are available at our home & clinic address.