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The present Administrative building of Dhaka Dental College at Mirpur, Dhaka.

 Doctors of Dhaka Dental college with Prof. AHS. Rahman in 1969.

 Some teachers and doctors at old Dhaka Dental College campus (1988)


Short History of Dhaka Dental College (DDC):

 Prof. Md. Emadul Haq

Aug 1961:

Dhaka Dental College started with admission of 6 students at Dhaka Medical College (DMC) campus, under the initiation of Col. M.M. Hoque (the then Administrator of DMCH).

25 Aug, 1961:

I took admission in the First year BDS class as the first student of DDC.

15 Sept, 1961:

First class held. Dr. Ayub Ali teacher of Physiology Deptt., DMC took the class.

Sept, 1961:

Dr. AHS Rahman, our first teacher of dentistry joined DDC.

20 Oct, 1962:

Prof. M. Asiruddin ( Prof. of Surgery of DMCH) took over the charge as the Principal of the college as additional duty (First Principal).


College shifted to the roof (2nd floor) of DMCH out patient building (Its new and own campus).


Dr. Syed Monzurul Haque joined the college as the second dental teacher.

4 April, 1964:

The College Monogram designed by me was approved by all the doctors and students.


Dr. Akhtar Kamal Chowdhury joined the College.

Feb, 1965:

First batch of students qualified as BDS doctors. (Myself, Dr. Mozammel Hossain, Dr Mamoon Ferdousi, Dr. Ashraf Hussain and Dr. Nazirul Quayum).

14 Feb, 1966:

I joined Dental College as Demonstrator.


Worked as the Principal of the college for a short period.

1987-88 Financial Year:

A 12 crore project under OPEC was undertaken for construction of New dental college at Mirpur. Dr. Asraf was the Project Director and I was one of the members of the Project Committee.

6 April, 1998:

The new building at Mirpur was opened by the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Begum Khaleda Zia.

March, 2000:

All the Institutional activities started in the new campus at Mirpur, Dhaka.


From 1961 till now (April,2007), 33 Principals worked at this Institution.

For details, the following article in bengali 'Dhaka Dental College- Present & Past' , written by me may be viewed.

Need 'Sulekha-T' or simillar font to view the following article.

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