Dental Surgery & Orthodontics

Prof. Dr. Md. Emadul Haq & Prof. Dr. Aziza Begum

Orthodontist  and Oral & Dental Surgeon

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Dental Surgery & Orthodontics

"Chartered House" 103, Elephant Road, (1st Floor).

Dhaka-1205,   Bangladesh. 

Tel: 861 2355,  01711524406


Dental Surgery & Orthodontics


36, Gausul Azam Avenue, Sector-13, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230

 Tel: 896 3036,  01711524406


General Dentistry, Orthodontics and Children Dentistry

General and periodic check-ups and necessary treatment of the teeth, gum and oral cavity.  

Orthodontic treatment with Removable (Plate) and Fixed (Brace) type of appliances to treat crowed, spaced and protruded teeth. Undertake various modern methods to prevent irregularity of teeth.  
We perform painless extraction and minor oral Surgery e.g. Removal of impacted wisdom teeth, enucleation of cysts, frenectomy, apicectomy, tooth transplantations, pericission etc. We use disposable syringes and undertake proper aseptic measures in all dental procedures.  
General fillings with modern light-cure composit, Glass-ionomer and other tooth-coloured materials.  
General Endodontic treatment (Root Canal Filling), to save grossly carious teeth and to avoid tooth extractions.  
Treatment of gum diseases and Oral Ulcers. We use modern Ultrasonic Air Scaler for Scaling.  
Treat stained and discoloured teeth so that they look natural and shiny.  
Metallic/porcelain crown to reinforce weak crown and to mask discoloured teeth.
Fixed Bridge to replace single or multiple missing teeth (non-removable denture). 
Complete and partial denture and immediate denture.  
Fixation of periodontally weak (loose) teeth by splintings.  
Prevention of dental caries by treating with Fluoride preparations and provide other preventive measures and advices.
Chairside Radiological (X-Ray) examination, Blood sugar examination (by one-tiuch method) and checking of Blood pressure.  

Attending Dental Surgeons & Orthodontists:

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Emadul Haq
Prof. Dr. Aziza Begum

Dr. Khadem Niamul Khabir-Helal

Dr. Shahnaz Sultana Beauty
Dr. Shaila Sharmeen