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The Principal,

Dhaka Dental College & Hospital.

Mirpur, Section- 14

Dhaka 1206

Date: 17th July 2000

Dear Sir,

It gives me much pleasure to let you know that, Inshallah, I shall be going on LPR from the 5th of August 2000. As the 4th August falls on Friday, my last working day in the Institution will be the 3rd August.

It is indeed a great pleasure for me that by the grace of Almighty Allah, I shall complete a long and eventful service life of about 34 years and six months in this Institution. Alhamdulillah, I have made an unique record of serving the entire period of my service life in this Institution alone.

On the eve of my leaving my beloved Institution, I cannot stop myself from humbly making the following few comments and suggestions:

It is indeed a matter of much pleasure and satisfaction for me to see that our long felt desire and dream has come to a reality as the Dhaka Dental College & Hospital is now working at its own attractive premises and building by the grace of Allah. The staff and students- past and present, deserve special appreciations and credit for their hard work and struggles for this achievement. I am  happy that, I worked as a member of the DDC-Project Implementation committee and I had the opportunity to formally inaugurate the construction work of this project jointly with the then Project Director, Prof. Ashraf Hussain

That, the DDC is now almost full-fledged in many ways though its own Hospital building is not ready yet. However, the construction work of it is expected to begin in a very near future.

I am pleased to see that, besides the BDS course, the Institution and its able teachers are now associated with the conduction of a number of post-graduated dental courses such as M.S., DDS, FCPS and MCPS.

I am happy, that I could be directly associated along with others in the preparation of the present BDS syllabus and the MCPS, FCPS syllabus. I am also proud that I could be associated with these courses both as an examiner and teacher and many of my students are now working home and abroad with excellent reputations in the field of dental teaching, treatment and research. 

It is indeed very nice to see that the present teaching staff of the college is very bright, resourceful and efficient in their respective fields and most of them were my undergraduate and post-graduate students.


That, I am very happy to be associated directly with the framing and implementation of the constitution of the Students' Union and thus establishing the democratic process for the election of the EC of the  DDC SU.

I remember with much satisfaction that while a third year BDS student, I designed the Monogram of this college. I have also framed the constitution of the DDC Teachers' Association.


It is my pleasure and privilege, that I could actively participate and associate myself in all the above and many other affairs of improvements and achievement along with other devoted persons, both inside and outside the Institution.

However, I am sorry to mention here that, some unpleasant matters disturbed me from time to time:

Time and again it pained me when I witnessed how some students became so ruthless and unkind to impart serious and even bloody injuries to their fellow college or classmates in the name of party politics or over a small silly matter. Similarly, it pained me much when I had to witness, how a staff became so unkind and selfish so as to harass, harm and even disgrace his fellow colleagues just for a small personal interest. I hope, this shall not prevail or repeat for the greater interest of peace and friendly environment in an Institution.

It also distressed me much when I witnessed how just a group of students could disgrace a teacher while showing special respect to some others. This can never bring healthy academic atmosphere in the Institution.

As the senior most teacher of the Institution, it is my privilege and humble duty to submit the following suggestions and recommendations for further improvement in the academic and administrative arena.

1.  I strongly believe that, for normal academic atmosphere, a teacher and an examiner must not be a member of any political party or group. The promotion, appointment and transfer of the staff must always be based on merit and need.

2.  Similarly, except ever remaining vigilant on the matter of National and Institutional interests, the students should refrain themselves from being member of any political party so that they may devote their valuable time entirely to their studies.

3. Though the present updated BDS-curriculum and syllabus is quite a standard one, it needs some modifications to meet the requirement of the present time. For better utilization of time and merit of students and teachers, more Practical, clinical and tutorial classes may be arranged. At the same time, the students must not be overburdened by putting more and more higher and unnecessary topics. Personally I feel that, there is no need to increase the duration of the course. This will cause extra burden on the students and guardians. I strongly feel that there is ample scope for better utilization of the present course period by removing unnecessary topics and by better planning of the teaching sessions.

4. Teachers of all the departments must spare some time at regular intervals to find ways and means for continuous improvement of teaching and should undertake suitable research works using the available resource.

5.  Periodic sports and cultural programs should be arranged for the recreation of all while a DDC Magazine should be published annually to encourage the students to write different general and scientific articles.


6.  The administration must be just and impartial on the general affairs, firm against indiscipline and disobedience while kind and appreciating to the devoted and honest staff. Timely promotion and suitable inceptives is must for devoted and qualified teachers and general staff for continuation of their devotions and job satisfaction.


I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you and through you to the members of the Dhaka Dental College Teachers' Association, the general staff and the students of the Institution - past and present, for the love and respect extended to me. I am also grateful to all of them for their kind help and co-operations while working in the different posts, and during carrying out different responsibilities including the office of the Principal of the college.


I wish you all the best and continued prosperity for my beloved Alma Mater - "The Dhaka Dental College", for which I shall always feel proud.

Please pray for my family and me so that we may live the rest of our life as Allah wanted the men to live like.

It is impossible to express my feelings when I look back about 39 years ago and compare the Dacca Dental College of 1961 with that of year 2000.

I, as the 1st enrolled student of Dhaka Dental College (DD-1, Roll No-1), along with my fellow class mates have got the unique opportunity to observe how this Institution rose to its present status after crawling and struggling from almost a zero position during the last 39 years. One shall be much surprised to know that, there was not a single dental teacher or staff or even a single room to sit, when we got admitted in the Dhaka Dental College, which started in the premises of Dhaka Medical College in August 1961.


Personally, I am very happy to leave the Institution at its present status, particularly when I see with much pleasure that, one of my dental college classmate (Prof. S M Hussain) is now the seating Principal of this Institution.


Thank you again for your kind help and understanding,

May Allah bless you all.

Yours truly,

Prof. Md. Emadul Haq

Professor & Head,  Department of Orthodontics,

Dhaka Dental College  & Hospital


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      Dhaka Dental College & Hospital.

  1. V.P. / G.S., Dhaka Dental College Students' Union.