As Your Teacher

Hi, Im Dr. Devine

The "Dr." in front of my name is not a medical degree. Don't ask me to cure your illnesses. I earned a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Michigan after gaining a Masters degree in Biology from the University of North Texas following a BA in Zoology from the University of Texas at Austin. If you assumed from this that I am origionally from Texas, you would be right. However, by now I have lived in New Jersey longer than I ever did in Texas. If you want to hear a Texas accent in class you'll have to ask for it.

Back in Texas, there were plenty of snakes and lizards and frogs, and (before I was 8) I was one of those kids that just had to have a frog or a snake in every pocket. I never grew out of that phase. I just gained more and more knowledge, and became more sophisticated in interweaving that knowledge with the natural world in general.

I ask you to WORK in my classes, and history shows that those students who do keep up with the work generally do alright, but those who refuse to do so generally are in danger of failing. My tests are considered to be hard, but I tend to make adjustments to the grades afterwards to make them fair. This is the ONLY type of extra credit I will give; don't ask for more. Most students who ask for extra credit at the end of a marking period simply haven't been keeping up with the regular credit assignments that came before. The categories of work that you do will be given different amounts of weight toward your reported grade as follows:

Tests                           40%

Quizes                         10%

Homework                    20%

Labs & Reports             20%

Class Participation        10%

     I have been known to smile.

Extra help time: Tuesday-Thursday 2:30-2:45
Classroom location: E 307

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