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"ah... just a little bit, the short story!!"

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, but spent my early years living in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

I was introduced into the hospitality industry while working for the Marriott Hotel in the French Quarter back in 1974. I would later receive a couple awards after completing a two week task-force assignment in Houston, Texas for the successful grand opening of the "West Loop Marriott" in 1976. 

My experiences in Houston over the years, helped pave the way to further my career and accomplishments in the hospitality industry, ......... which I would later use to my benefit. In 1990 I had the opportunity to connect with relatives at a family reunion in St Augustine, Florida, that later resulted in me making the move back to Jacksonville. (and by the way, the Marriott helped make that transition a lot less painful).

At the time, family was spread out between several cities including New Orleans, Houston,  Las Vegas, Atlanta, Jacksonville and somewhere in Virginia, but by 1999, we would eventually only live within 15 minutes of each other, here in Jacksonville.

My time in Jacksonville has had some great moments and opportunities and I have met some great people, (and lost a few) but even with the combination of a few hurricane threats and a bad economy, I am still happy to be here in Jacksonville. 

Donald R McQuaig

An article with a small mention of my involvement as the Bar Manager in 

"The Grand Opening of The Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant in 2001

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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