Hello! Welcome to my homepage!


I am a philosopher and have been researching human reasoning, in particular causal reasoning over the past few years. I have taught the interdisciplinary 'Science Methods' course (ID2003)  in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Prior to that I was a tutor for modules on 'Metaphysics and Science' and 'Reasoning and Knowledge' in the Department of Philosophy at St. Andrews University.

My research and teaching  interests include philosophy of causation, causal inference in everyday reasoning as well as in scientific practices. History and philosophy of science, metaphysics and epistemology.

A recent project that I have been involved in,  is a British Academy funded project investigating people’ s causal reasoning in online forums. This was a collaboration between philosophy, psychology and computer science.

Much that I enjoy the theoretical and philosophical debates, I am deeply driven to see the application of ideas and in this sense I would like to think of myself as an applied philosopher with a multi-disciplinary background, combining philosophy, AI and cognitive sciences.

Finally, I love all forms of arts, from architecture to painting to a magnificent piece of music. I think Schopenhauer is absolutely right to say that the only way to escape the suffering in our mad world is through art — though I would add love to this! Anyhow, when no one is looking I read poetry. I love Persian classical poetry and music and one poem is enough to make my day