Dr. Mark W. Tong - Spiritual Healer / Teacher

Doctorate - Natural Healing

Author - Prevent Cancer

Founder - Healing International, LLC

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Dr. Mark W. Tong


Spiritual Healer / Teacher Is Given

The "7 Life Lessons" That Everyone MUST

Learn To Move Forward And To Grow Spiritually

Unlocking And Unleashing All The Blocks 

That Prevents YOU From Moving Forward...

Now YOU Can Do Something About It...

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Topics Include:


  • What are the "7 Life Lessons"?
  • What are some of the emotional events tied to the lessons?
  • How do significant relationships have an affect on Spiritual growth?
  • How to break the repeating patterns events and relationships.
  • Your health, wealth and Peace of Mind is connected to the lessons.

  • How your emotions are tied to your health.
  • The importance of "healing the Mind first".
  • Disease = Dis-ease


Dr. Mark W. Tong

Healing International, LLC

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7401 Central Avenue

Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

Phone 727  914-7676

Cell      727  455-2260

Email:  mark@marktong.com

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