Dr. Mark Plunkett

Dr. Mark Plunkett

Dr. Mark Plunkett - Professional Career & Training

Dr. Mark Plunkett is a renowned MD, currently working as a Visiting Professor at The University of Illinois College of Medicine and as a Physician at The Congenital Center Hospital of Illinois. With over 25 years in the medical profession, Dr. Mark Plunkett has spent over 20 years studying and furthering the practice of medicine. He has worked in some of the finest institutions in the country, and offers a long list of medical specialties that he currently practices to include: Congenital Defects & Diseases, Vascular Procedures, Transplans, Cardiovascular Disease, Thoracic Procedures, Cardiology Transplants, and Pulmonary Disease.

Dr. Mark Plunkett

Dr. Mark Plunkett Academics:

Dr. Mark Plunkett began his long and successful career in medicine with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Duke University in 1982. Next came a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of North Carolina, School of Medicine, in which he acquired with honors in 1986. Immediately after obtaining this degree, Dr. Mark Plunkett began his general residency at Duke University Medical Center to be completed in 1993. From 1993-1995, Plunkett completed a fellowship, also at Duke University Medical Center.

Dr. Mark Plunkett, Later Career:

While attending Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Mark Plunkett served as a leading physician from 1993-1995. From 1995-1996, he worked in the same capacity at the David Geffen School of Medicine. From 1996-1999, Dr. Mark Plunkett worked successfully also as a Physician at the Hospital of Illinois OSF Healthcare and also as Associate Professor and Assistant Professor. Next, came Plunkett’s employment at Mattel Hospital from 1999-2008, fulfilling two positions including Associate Professor. From 2014 to present, Dr. Mark Plunkett has worked tirelessly as a Physician and Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota.